About Me


Reiki Master

Energy Healer | Counsellor | Reiki Teacher | Access Bars Practitioner

My journey on this path started suddenly, randomly and out of nowhere… A nudge, a pat on the head, like something inside saying “come on, wake up, let’s go” Spending more time within, lead me into a world which seemed mystical and quite frankly non-existent at first. Experiences of expansion that I had never felt before on all levels of mind, body and I’m sure soul too.

I started to feel connected to everything around me and a profound connection with nature. Everything seemed brighter and I felt lighter. As if a thick fog had been lifted. I felt something that I would call- TUNED IN!
Synchronicity seemed to follow me wherever I was going and I was aware of what messages were coming through all of it. Clarity replaced all confusion and uncertainty. I started questioning all my programmed beliefs. The proverb, ‘Impossible is nothing’ was my new eternal truth.
I understand that it is easy to get sucked into old patterns of thought and behavior. Mastering to stay in this CONNECTED state is a tall order, but I now have a wealth of knowledge and experience and a knowing I will never go back to my old self. The new version of me is too good to let it go.
I know there is a world out there, a Real world, that is yet to be explored and experienced but I will only move forward on this journey, for I believe it’s all about the Journey and there is no such thing as destination.
I now have a new word in my vocabulary, a word I am pretty sure doesn’t exist in the English dictionary ‘AWESOMENESS’ it is. It defines what I have experienced on so many levels on this path and to me, it is the only one word that captures all of it.

Deep meditative states, moments of complete silence and disconnect with the outside world, to connecting with crystals, learning different healing modalities and then experiencing their healing powers on myself and loved ones, the journey has been nothing less than that of miracles and magic all the way. It is still an ongoing journey of self-discovery I know. I still consider myself ‘Work in Progress’ towards the ‘AWESOMENESS’ that I am meant to be.

My faith in all that I had learnt became stronger with time and having so many experiences of success stories behind all the healings has only made it stronger over the years. I always have had a knowing that I was here for a bigger purpose than just the mundane of life and believe I have found my calling, my life purpose. Here I am extending a hand to all those seeking to find balance, to those who are willing to discover their true potential, to those who are willing to let go of their old patterns and live a fulfilling life of joy and bliss. If I can heal myself so can YOU.

Gratitude to all my clients and the people around me for I believe, as I heal others, a part of me is healed too.

Oh! what a wonderful exchange of energy this can be…