Thoughts that flow during my mediations are shared in the form of blogs. For me they are like daily guidance coming from source. It gives me a feeling of connection with Divine. All my writings are reflections and insights of what I have experienced during my healings of self and others.

  • Happiness. Is it really a choice?
    Every so often we search for things that are right in front of our eyes but due to lack of attention or awareness, we cannot see them. Phones, spectacles, and even keys happen to us all the time. Don’t you think, just like these things, happiness is also something that we keep looking for everywhere? Sometimes… Read more: Happiness. Is it really a choice?
  • Giving Happiness?Know where to draw the line?
    HAPPINESS is what we all are seeking and it is a never-ending search. Often our focus is on pleasing others rather than on ourselves. At the same time, many of us could be too focussed on our own needs overlooking the needs of others. Giving happiness is a wonderful thing to do. Giving too much… Read more: Giving Happiness?Know where to draw the line?
  • You are the sunshine
  • Feeling stuck in life? Use this magic wand.
    Feeling lost and lacking a sense of direction? Working so hard but things are just not moving for some reason or the other. Sounds familiar? If this is your life story, then read on. We as humans are always trying our best in every situation, doing everything possible to succeed in life. Just like our… Read more: Feeling stuck in life? Use this magic wand.
  • Infinite potential
  • Be kind
  • Animal Reiki…your
    gift of love to your extended
    Did you know animals are created to be not vocal so that they can teach us humans, unconditional love? Our pets love us unconditionally and are always looking at us for our approval and love in return. Food is not their only need. They also need nurturing and healing when they are dealing with mental,… Read more: Animal Reiki…your <br>gift of love to your extended<br>family
  • Do you believe in God???
    Doesn’t matter what religion you follow or whether or not you follow any religion at all. Do you believe that there is a supreme power beyond and above us humans?Whether you see and connect with it through the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, or Universe it does not matter. Do you really believe in… Read more: Do you believe in God???
  • Want to attract Love in your life?
    Being in a loving relationship is every heart’s desire. No doubt, the feeling of being loved and desired brings with it a sense of belonging. When you decide to be with somebody, it should never be because you feel a void or feel empty within. Because no matter what, no person or thing can fill… Read more: Want to attract Love in your life?
  • Six Signs you are an Empath. Did you even know you are one?
    Do you often feel overwhelmed in a crowd? People turn a lot to you for advice and share their secrets? Feel emotionally drained when there are too many people around you all the time? Do you more than often feel the need to have time alone to revive and re-center yourself? If you have a… Read more: Six Signs you are an Empath. Did you even know you are one?
  • Did you know Reiki can bring relief and heal all aspects of your life?
    Energy healing has a major role to play as far as healing goes in today’s times. The general atmosphere is that of stress and tension and eventually takes a toll on our general health. Whether emotional, physical, or mental, energy healing in the form of Reiki can bring relief to all types of issues. Today… Read more: Did you know Reiki can bring relief and heal all aspects of your life?
  • Are you constantly worrying about people around you?
    There are things you can change and things you have no control over. You do not have to keep trying to always control things and people. Others’ life and their behavior are neither your job nor your responsibility. Sometimes it’s ok to let things be because it is important to allow the people you love,… Read more: Are you constantly worrying about people around you?
  • Happy Independence day
    We speak about celebrating freedom but there is so much more to freedom than just living in a free nation. Freedom can be defined in so many other ways in life. Freedom of space, freedom of time, freedom of speech, and self-expression. Happy to celebrate Independence Day today? Find out here if you truly are… Read more: Happy Independence day
  • Are you feeling anxious, sad, or frustrated? It’s ok and it’s normal.
    Everyone says. Don’t feel sad. Getting frustrated is not normal. You don’t have to feel anxious. Throughout life, we are programmed like this. As if painful emotions are in some way bad or need to be chased away. There is nothing wrong with feeling pain. When we deny it, we miss out on letting it… Read more: Are you feeling anxious, sad, or frustrated? It’s ok and it’s normal.
  • Are you feeling tired and exhausted in life?
    Life is like a big ocean. Swimming through it may not feel so easy but you have multiple choices as to how you go through it. No matter where you are in life right now, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then take a look at how you are dealing with day-to-day situations. Feeling tired and… Read more: Are you feeling tired and exhausted in life?
  • Love always returns.
    Love always returns. Yes, It returns a thousand folds. Don’t think that I have given love to this person and I will get it back from the same source. Know that from whatever source, it will come back many folds to you. If it does not return, then it is proof that you haven’t sent… Read more: Love always returns.
  • 4 signs God is pleased with you.
    We often question our existence here on planet earth. What is my life’s purpose is a question we all have asked at some point in our life. We wonder if we are doing the right things. Am I on the right path? Am I creating good karma? Amongst all these questions, another common question we… Read more: 4 signs God is pleased with you.
  • Are you on Auto-Pilot mode ?
    If you look around you, the world is full of people who are fueled by power struggles, greed, anger, hostility, and fear. Despite all the spiritual teachings freely available to so many of us, there are still wars, chaos, and destruction. All the anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, hurt, loss, despair, and fears within, are showing… Read more: Are you on Auto-Pilot mode ?
  • Are you an Addict? 90% of people don’t even know they are addicted.
    Addictions can be of many types: Mental, Physical, and Emotional. The fact is that 90% of people who have them, may not even be aware of them. So, what exactly is an addiction? Well, any mental, emotional, or physical act that you are doing in excess eventually becomes an addiction. A habit that you have… Read more: Are you an Addict? 90% of people don’t even know they are addicted.
  • Do you feel like a prisoner?
    In some way or another are we all not prisoners? A lot of it comes from our programming since the time we are born. Firstly, the labels given by our parents as we are growing up, secondly our peer groups and thirdly teachers in school. Not to forget how society defines us as adults is… Read more: Do you feel like a prisoner?
  • Are you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing?
    We love to micro-manage. It can be situations or people. Have you noticed when you delegate something to a child or an employee, how you still hold on to the reigns and are not able to let go? Fearful while handing over any work or a task to someone? We live with this illusion that… Read more: Are you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing?
  • Are you in sync with what you desire?
    Does the saying “What goes around comes back” Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s an old one we all have heard a million times. If you are unhappy about the way people around you are treating you, then perhaps you should ask this question to yourself-What am I putting out there? The universe is just bringing back… Read more: Are you in sync with what you desire?
  • Reiki Healers-Learning to unlearn and learning to live
    Life begins we are born and so does the process of learning. Learning to talk, learning to walk, learning how to behave socially. We are continuously put through rigorous training of learning to do things a certain way and be a certain way. Our parents at home, teachers at school, everything, and everyone is just… Read more: Reiki Healers-Learning to unlearn and learning to live
  • What are Chakras?
    Chakras are energy centres located at different points on the etheric body. They are wheel like vortices about 6 inches in diameter, funnelling into the spine. Apart from the root and crown chakras, each chakra is a pair front and back. The front part regulates feelings, while the back parts are the will centres. They… Read more: What are Chakras?
  • Desire for happiness?
    When you desire something or someone or even a situation or a place where you would rather be, the question is what exactly is it that you desire? Is it really about the person, place or thing? Or is it actually more about the feeling of being happy and joyful is what you are seeking?… Read more: Desire for happiness?
  • Outside vs Inside
    In the midst of your world’s chaos and the contrast, you come to know and love your own perspective even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others, use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which you can more clearly see and acknowledge your own heart and your… Read more: Outside vs Inside
  • Change is the only constant…
    As you move on in this journey of life, lots has come and lots is gone. Whether it is people or things, they become like a habit and Letting go is never easy. Sometimes a relationship or a certain person may become so much of a habit that you feel you cannot imagine life without… Read more: Change is the only constant…
  • Good, Bad or Unique?
    We are always labelling people around us as Good or Bad.. We have a tendency to label those who are willing to be what we want them to be as Good and all those who are not like us or different as bad. Anyone who does not live up to our expectations is defined as… Read more: Good, Bad or Unique?
  • Is it Divine timing?
    Even if things have not worked out the way you wanted them to be, it doesn’t mean things are not going right for you.. Certain delays and experiences are necessary for your soul’s growth. Probably you are not ready for that which you are asking . When you are in alignment and not all wrapped… Read more: Is it Divine timing?
  • Nothing Going Right?
    Nothing will work out well when your internal dialogue is like this- “After all my efforts, nothing showed up” ” Nothing seems to be going right for me.” Remember your thoughts are your messages to the universe. What you are sending out is coming back to you. If your thoughts are of lack and fear,… Read more: Nothing Going Right?
  • What’s growing in your garden?
    Thoughts are the language of the brain & mind and feelings are the language of your body..The way you think and the way you feel creates your state of being..Every morning before you open your eyes, give yourself five minutes.Just step into this garden of your mind…As you walk slowly, look around..what do you see?..Look… Read more: What’s growing in your garden?
  • What do I see in the mirror? You or Me?
    How can you see your eyes? Don’t you need a mirror to see them? All Creation is nothing but the mirror in which your eye sees itself reflected. Others’ means ‘I’ in another form. This world is a mirror in which you can see yourself reflected..Whatever you wish to heal within myself, you must ask… Read more: What do I see in the mirror? You or Me?
  • ‘No man’s land’
    This is the place to be….When I don’t love you, I don’t hate you..It opens doors to a whole new world of possibilities.. There is so much room for compassion. I listen to you but there is no judgement.. I am fully present with you and not needy for your attention..There is no past to… Read more: ‘No man’s land’
  • Reset To Divine Order…
    As the world comes to a halt……….Seems like some higher power has pressed the Reset button.. Corona Virus is just an excuse . People are being forced to slow down..The rat race is coming to an end..Getting up every morning like a zombie..rushing to work mindlessly..never ending same old daily grind…maybe there is more to… Read more: Reset To Divine Order…
  • We are pure Consciousness..
    The Holy book Guru Granth Saheb if translated into simple human understanding is the crux of all of life. This is how I see the First verse also called the Mool Mantra…It is not talking about any God up there in the sky..It portrays the true image of us all in the form of pure… Read more: We are pure Consciousness..
  • Happily ever after??
    Healers in Gurgaon Does happily ever after exist? Or is it just a concept we find in storybooks we read growing up?How many times have we thought to ourselves, ‘Once I get that job, I’ll be happy ‘, ‘when I’ve bought my dream house I’ll be happy’ when I go on that holiday I’ve been… Read more: Happily ever after??
  • Own your Joy today..
    Reiki healing Life is not about how people measure your success and achievements financially, socially or physically..Let not people judge you for where you stand at this stage in life.It is not for them to decide whether you deserve to be happy or not…As much as money & relationship status has a big place in… Read more: Own your Joy today..
  • Upstream or downstream ?
    Healers in Gurgaon We humans believe in the flawed premise of Struggle. We have been programmed- more the struggle, better or greater the reward. We also love a good challenge. Not because we see it as an experience to learn and grow from, but for the feeling of accomplishment that follows after, which we view… Read more: Upstream or downstream ?
  • Power of Now
    Energy Healers in Gurgaon Don’t we all live a conditional life? We postpone the happiness in each little moment to the future..Whereas there is joy happiness,peace and bliss in every moment that is passing by if we allow.. Allowing the goodness and deliciousness of each moment to unfold brings forth millions of possibilities of joy… Read more: Power of Now
  • Sadness
    Reiki Healers in Gurgaon Whether it is about a situation or a relationship, or anything else in life you are unhappy about, feeling sad is not such a bad thing..Sadness or Dis- ease on an emotional or physical front is actually good for you..No matter what the reason, it brings with it clarity. Is it… Read more: Sadness
  • From Chaos to Order
    Healers in Gurgaon In the midst of your world’s chaos and the contrast, we come to know and love our own perspective even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others as right or wrong, good or bad instead use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which help… Read more: From Chaos to Order
  • Perfect 2020 Vision
    Is this how you see?? In this brand new decade , as you look in the mirror that life presents, ask yourself, does what I see resonate with me? What belongs in my life? What beliefs work for me? Which ideologies resonate with me and which do not? Rather than judging yourself or others, use… Read more: Perfect 2020 Vision
  • GPS
    Route or Re-route?? Global Positioning System or simply called Satnav, is such an essential on our phones. We love how we can just decide to go anywhere without having to figure out the way how to get there. We follow it and reach our place of interest without getting lost. And if we happen to… Read more: GPS
  • Surrender
    Energy Healing in Gurgaon Aren’t we all programed that surrender is a sign of weakness? How the Ego loves the comfort of being in control. It make us feel so powerful. Our need to change the What Is.!! How can we just leave it as it is? That giving In feels like giving up ..… Read more: Surrender
  • Anxiety
    What If ??? Anxiety is when I don’t agree with my inner being. Thoughts about events unfolding in the future in a way that I won’t like them to be, even though they haven’t yet and I have no evidence that they will. When the mind wanders and procrastinating comes easily . And while my… Read more: Anxiety
  • Universe
    Me in You Or You In Me?? I stand looking in awe at You and see The Sun, The  stars ,The Galaxies Oh!  what a beautiful symphony The birds,The flowers and wonderful trees How Picture Perfect can it be You read my thoughts, we create reality I discover that expansive part of me I love… Read more: Universe
  • Third eye
    Is it about what you See or is it about how you See? There is a big hype over the internet about opening of the third eye or the 6th Chakra of our energy meridians. People are experimenting on all means of opening a third eye, be it meditation, herbs, processes mental and physical, through… Read more: Third eye
  • Genie
    Your wish? My command !! You are your inner being’s full-time job. Your inner being is like your genie. But not the smart ass one that gets you into trouble with every wish.The really loving one who does take your wish but checks on when it should be granted in its perfection… When the focus… Read more: Genie
    Have you opened yours yet??? Approaching the festive Season and holidays, I was spending the morning thinking about presents. Thanks to the wandering of my ever exploring mind, the word presents soon bought my attention to present. The present moment…the Now. Time is such a fascinating concept. It’s forever changing. Even as I am writing… Read more: PRESENT
  • Meditation
    How about a date with self ? There is that place of light of love of Ecstasy, There is no other but you and me… And when I rise from flesh and blood I merge with you, I See the light I see the hue… I leave behind my Me my I, I know I… Read more: Meditation
  • Art of Allowing
    Is it practiced or it comes naturally? I allow myself to feel the warmth of the sun, I allow myself to hear the sweet song of the birds. I allow myself to bask in the moonlight. I allow myself to feel the soft grass under my feet, the sky to wrap around me like a… Read more: Art of Allowing
  • What’s on your Menu?
    What’s cooking today?? Every morning we wake up and decide what we would like to have as meals right from breakfast to lunch and dinner mid- meals and what not to look after our physical body.. We want to balance protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fluid everything because we want to have a balanced diet for energy,… Read more: What’s on your Menu?
  • Fear
    Do you trust the unknown?? A bird’s ability to fly high comes from a place of surrender and trust in the unknown. Surrender brings with it, a feeling of freedom making you fearless.. Birds, plants and animals live in perfect sync with the laws of nature.There is no room for doubt or fear, neither in… Read more: Fear
  • Abundance is perception !!
    Half full or Half empty?? We all indulge ourselves into hearing and reading about how to attract abundance. Just the word “ abundance ” makes us think, ooooo I love that and brings along with it, a feeling of lack,..A feeling of not having that..does it not ? Of course there are things that we… Read more: Abundance is perception !!
  • Contrast ..
    Isn’t it beautiful?? Falling in love with CONTRAST !! If it hadn’t been for this, how would I know that… Contrast is what brings forth what we want, by putting light on what we don’t really like..Brings in more clarity and helps focus better on that which the soul desires in terms of people and… Read more: Contrast ..
  • Empaths
    Aren’t we all one? I’ve always found it interesting that it’s difficult not to yawn when we see someone else yawn. When we see someone laughing hysterically, we can find ourselves laughing without even a clue about what’s so funny. We are influenced more than we know or realise by the actions , thoughts ,… Read more: Empaths
  • Ego
    Friend or foe ???   When we talk about ego in this world, it’s more often than not referred as a selfish, hateful and almost evil quality. “He/she has an inflated ego”, is not said in a way that is open to perception. So is our ego the force in us that brings out a… Read more: Ego
  • Ascension
    To Learn or to Unlearn?? Ascension What is it to ascend in consciousness ? Is it learning about the pineal gland, Learning about meditation techniques, experiencing energy and vibration, realising how we are all co-creators ? While all of these and more are a large part of ascension, in my opinion, they are the bi… Read more: Ascension
  • life…..
    Life ….. a long haul flight There are hundreds of philosophical renditions of life and its meanings.Today as I am sat on an aircraft , I can’t help but think of the similarities of a plane journey with life itself. We all start out in a particular direction, most of us have goals and dreams… Read more: life…..
  • Victim
    Are you really one? We love to play victim in our life.. Victim of situations.. Victim of people treating us in a certain manner. That is our best escape.. Otherwise how would we put the blame of our failures or unfinished business on others..How would we justify our actions/reactions towards people and situations in life?… Read more: Victim
  • God’s Grace
    Do you feel it ?? As the sun shines every morning, let it remind you of his grace..The moment you open your eyes, there is light.. Isn’t that true to all of life? The moment you open your eyes ,you DO see The Light.. The moon and stars as they shine sometimes in the clear… Read more: God’s Grace
  • Forward or Rewind
    What would you like to play? We as humans have a tendency to focus more on what we don’t quite like, rather than focus on what we love..We label people and situations as good or bad. Whereas actually, if we were to see with the eyes of the creator, everything and everyone would appear PERFECT… Read more: Forward or Rewind
  • Life is a journey..
    Do you really have to reach anywhere? There is no final destination.. Slow down.. Experience..It Is not about where you are heading. Its about HOW not where.. Its about how you are flowing..How you are feeling as you flow.. Pause !! Ask yourself what are you experiencing at this moment?  Live it to the fullest … Read more: Life is a journey..
  • Healers Gurgaon
    Healer Gurgaon Healer Gurgaon I Allow…What do you choose to allow today??Do you allow anger , frustration, sadness, chaos, greed,, grief, hatred , worry, stress??                                                   ORDo you choose to Allow Love,… Read more: Healers Gurgaon
  • Embrace all colours in life..
    Fifty shades of grey?? How would you know joy without sadness? If it wasn’t for sickness would you treasure good health?? Not knowing the taste of bitter, you wouldn’t know what sweet tastes like..If you would  have not experience the low of  hatred, you wouldn’t know the high of falling in Love..Failures tell you what… Read more: Embrace all colours in life..
  • De-clutter
    Sweep it clean… Cleaning emotional build up helps clear internal clutter just like clearing your physical space helps declutter & creates more room for something new and better. A good way to start cleaning emotional space is by bringing your awareness to what you feel being around certain people or how you feel doing certain… Read more: De-clutter
    Is it about you or is it about me ?? What if I choose to see, hear, think, feel and perceive only good in every thing and every one around today?? What if I choose Perfection in me and all that is around..Will not my Experience of the day be simply Perfect ?? Are things,… Read more: ITS ALL ABOUT THE PERSPECTIVE !!
  • Faith..
    Living every moment of every day in the faith that there is a higher force that holds your hand through all that you are going through, helps keep you centred all the time..Trust that source is right beside you as you walk through this journey and you are never ever alone.. As you go through… Read more: Faith..
  • Practice Surrender
    The art of being nothing… I surrender all my life situations past present future to source to be resolved. I Surrender all my life times… past, present & future to learn and evolve on soul level.. I surrender all my karmas good and bad to be balanced.. I surrender all my relationships to be divinely… Read more: Practice Surrender
  • Reiki/Life force Energy
    My Journey with Reiki My Journey with Reiki has been that of wonder and grace. After having going through intense meditation practices and working on self for more than a year, there came a time when I was getting a feeling of stagnancy in my progress. Having experienced all things like Lucid dreams, spinal sweep… Read more: Reiki/Life force Energy
  • Woman’s Day
    A Note to Self on Woman’s Day♥ You radiate unconditional create know how to make every situation give create and nurture the whole are expansive WOMAN ! Acknowledge your Divine Power and Embrace your Godliness..Every Single day is yours.. So celebrate your existence  ..your being! Hey You  BEAUTIFUL ,Happy Woman’s… Read more: Woman’s Day
  • Chakras.. Your Energy Meridians…
    Feeling insecure..depressed..cannot give up addictions..low on confidence..unable give or receive love..scared to speak your truth..does any of this relate to you?? Well this is where it maybe coming from.. Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to a wheel.The invisible vital life force energy also called Prana, that moves inside of you is… Read more: Chakras.. Your Energy Meridians…
  • Playfulness
    Does Spirituality have to be this serious? Whether on the path of ascension or completely oblivious of even the term ‘ascension’, we have all experienced synchronicity in our lives. Little ones like thinking of someone and receiving a call from that person the next minute, or some in much bigger and grander scales. The universe… Read more: Playfulness
  • I am the Light
    My true Self As I sit to meditate with the intention of connecting to the source, I realize who and what am I trying to connect with here? I am the light. I am the source itself . I am one with the source energy for I am it. Do I really need to go… Read more: I am the Light
  • Crystals
    Crystal healing One of the most beautiful treasures that mother earth has given us is the infinite range of Crystals. Coming in a whole arena of colors, shapes and sizes their beauty is simply breathtaking… Crystals are said to be wise masters as they have stored within them infinite information and energy from ancient times.… Read more: Crystals
  • Blessing Situations and People
    How to come into acceptance of what is… You start living in pure ecstasy every moment that is and flow with whatever comes and as it comes, being witness to each experience and cherishing and savoring every new lesson that it brings with it. There is no judgment of anything being pleasant or just… Read more: Blessing Situations and People
  • Let Go…
    Get Into the flow As you align with your higher self, there is a deeper sense of understanding that you are driven by source energy that is far more intelligent than your physical self. You surrender with faith and let the divine take over what is and how it is meant to be rather than… Read more: Let Go…
  • Unconditional Love
    What is true Love? True Love is unconditional. It is complete and fulfilling in every way..For it brings with it naturally and effortlessly gestures -be it in the form of words/flowers/gifts/actions or anything. It is the union of two souls coming together to help each other evolve through sharing the spirit of oneness in the… Read more: Unconditional Love
  • Your Expansive truth
    How to feel Grounded You are the Earth…The creator of the abundance of unconditional love…You have the ability to create from nothing, something vast…Ever forgiving grounding all that is not of the light and creating something new and beautiful from your resources…Deeply rooted yet expansive, spreading fragrance all around with your beauty… You are the… Read more: Your Expansive truth
  • My Healing Space
    What we seek is always within – all the answers, all the knowing, all the direction, all the happiness, all you could ever hope to ask for, is already there inside… A healer’s power stems not from any special ability but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power… Read more: My Healing Space
  • Ascension
    Ascension… The journey..that’s what they call it I sat to reflect upon my ascension journey….. before I could think any further I was stopped at the word journey. How is this a journey? Why am I calling it that? Is it because I have always heard it said that way? Do I understand the word… Read more: Ascension
  • Just some thoughts
    There are no mistakes in life..every incident every moment is perfect n just a passing moment ..a lesson..learn gracefully n move is a game.. just keep playing and move on to the next is not to be taken feel no guilt for there is no right no wrong.. shed the duality of… Read more: Just some thoughts