What If ???

Anxiety is when I don’t agree with my inner being. Thoughts about events unfolding in the future in a way that I won’t like them to be, even though they haven’t yet and I have no evidence that they will.

When the mind wanders and procrastinating comes easily . And while my inner being knows all is well and I go start to procrastinate about the future, I create dis-ease, anxiety and stress.. When what we call fear comes like dark clouds disallowing the light that is my true nature in…The fear of the unknown..The millions of “WHAT IF” take over my ability to trust that everything is going to be just fine.

All of this is because I am not in agreement with the thoughts of the true me . I feel all lost as I have lost my connection with my Higher self because of the discord..

My inner being knows that All Is Well !! It is only when I’m in perfect harmony and Alignment with the inner being part of me, that l know whatever happens, life will unfold in the most magnificent ways and I will be exactly where n how I’m supposed to be. If I just manage Tune in and match the Vibration of who I truly am, I will be never experience anxiety. Meditation and aligning the 3rd chakra which is the Solar plexus can bring these feelings of fear and anxiety into balance.

Neelima Thukral

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