To Learn or to Unlearn??


What is it to ascend in consciousness ? Is it learning about the pineal gland, Learning about meditation techniques, experiencing energy and vibration, realising how we are all co-creators ? While all of these and more are a large part of ascension, in my opinion, they are the bi products that come along during the process.

Spirituality isn’t about learning, it’s about unlearning. Unlearning the perceptions that keep us stuck in duality. Unlearning the loop of thought patterns that are self sabotaging, unlearning societal programming, and unlearning so much more. Just like peeling the layers of an onion. Shedding layers one after the other and discovering the true divine nature of our being which is buried underneath all of it. Even the law of gravity supports, the heavier the object , the more it’s weighed downward.
So let your perception experience the shift that it wants to, forget all you know and shed it away …..

After all, even the caterpillar has to shed it’s cozy chrysalis in order to emerge as a butterfly and FLY …..

Neelima Thukral

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