Just some thoughts

There are no mistakes in life..every incident every moment is perfect n just a passing moment ..a lesson..learn gracefully n move on..life is a game.. just keep playing and move on to the next level..it is not to be taken seriously..so feel no guilt for there is no right no wrong.. shed the duality of right wrong..drop judgement of yourself first and foremost, then of situations and people being good or bad right or wrong..

Just come into the flow..God is ever forgiving..and that is no-one else but you. You are God..come out of guilt and shame.. recognise your Godliness..you are the creator of all that is..and all that you create is just to learn n nothing else..

Everything is perfect and so is every moment..bless it all..just shut the outside chatter..come out of body consciousness..you are not experiencing anything for you are not the body..step out and be a spectator of what’s happening around..just be witness for you are not going through it..you are the soul..the peaceful soul forever blissful…

That’s what they told me to remind you🙏🙏

Neelima Thukral

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