Route or Re-route??

Global Positioning System or simply called Satnav, is such an essential on our phones. We love how we can just decide to go anywhere without having to figure out the way how to get there. We follow it and reach our place of interest without getting lost. And if we happen to take a wrong turn or miss an exit, it directs you to turn around when possible and let’s you redirect back on to the route.

Well that’s what your emotions do for us. They let us know where we are heading, what our point of attraction is and what experiences are we setting on route to. Negative emotions let us know we are off our course. When we are feeling positive, hopeful, joyful there is an internal sense of well being which is an indication of being on the right route..

When what you are feeling determines what route you are on and what situations you are attracting or where you are going to be reaching, Why don’t we follow our internal navigational system just like we do the one in our cars ? During the times when we feel not so good, we can always come back right on track by taking the first exit and changing our thoughts…Network or No Network, thanks to our internal GPS system that we have access to all the time, we can always reach our destination—that which is being in Alignment

So no matter where you are at a given moment, Re-route and follow your bliss.

Neelima Thukral