Have you opened yours yet???

Approaching the festive Season and holidays, I was spending the morning thinking about presents. Thanks to the wandering of my ever exploring mind, the word presents soon bought my attention to present. The present moment…the Now.

Time is such a fascinating concept. It’s forever changing. Even as I am writing this, the words written are becoming past tense , and the thoughts that are still flowing are still to be written in near future but again will soon become past. But what remains constant is the Now. This moment… It’s a common phrase that we have all heard at some point, “ past is gone, future is still to come but what is real is present moment, that’s why its called PRESENT : a gift and despite that don’t almost all of us spend majority of our time thinking about time that was or moments that are still yet to be achieved ? We look back at events from the past ,think about how we could have reacted differently, or perhaps re-living happy memories even.

Then of course our objective mind likes to set goals for the future, the car in the garage that you don’t have now, the house that you want to move into, the “success” that one desires as individual as that might be. But how much attention do we give to this moment ? The Now… that which will soon become a distant memory or the now that might be the moment that alters your future? Is it not worth thinking how you are spending your time this very moment?

There are however, very few moments in life where we can say there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. Or there is no place else I’d rather be right now. And we all know the awesomeness of that feeling. Those are the moments where we are truly present. I’d like more of those for myself, wouldn’t you ?

The beauty of life is that no passing moment repeats itself so lets live each one being Present in the PRESENT…

Neelima Thukral