Isn’t it beautiful??

Falling in love with CONTRAST !!

If it hadn’t been for this, how would I know that…

Contrast is what brings forth what we want, by putting light on what we don’t really like..Brings in more clarity and helps focus better on that which the soul desires in terms of people and situations..

Recently I’ve really started to enjoy the whole experience of contrast..All such situations have started to seem more like blessings, making me feel connected to source like never before…It seems like source holding my hand and showing me around.. Giving me a strange ability and power to create exactly what I would appreciate in my life..

Going through contrast in fact, brings in a beautiful peace which follows as soon as you become aware of what it is trying to show you… Instead of whining and complaining and playing victim to whats happening outside, you feel empowered and so much in control of all that is within…. It’s like being provided the right numbered lens on the glasses you are wearing that make you see life soooo clearly. When you don’t really react to people and situations rather just be a spectator and observe what you feel within as you just let it pass..It makes you stand tall and in your Power.. Its an  Ahh hhaaa moment !!!

Today I am able to feel Gratitude for all the contrast and I embrace it saying “Bring it On” as there is a deeper realization that it’s here to give me something rather than take away from each moment that I am experiencing in the here n now ..It’s bringing me into deeper awareness within..

Oh I’m Lovin It !!

Neelima Thukral