Half full or Half empty??

We all indulge ourselves into hearing and reading about how to attract abundance. Just the word “ abundance ” makes us think, ooooo I love that and brings along with it, a feeling of lack,..A feeling of not having that..does it not ?

Of course there are things that we can all start to put into place to attract more abundance. A firm believer of The law of attraction myself, I have observed that during the process there is always a feeling of lack attached on a subconscious level when working on creating abundance..Our thoughts create our reality..Will thinking and becoming a vibrational match to that which you desire, create the experience into a physical reality?? Yes Absolutely!!
But we tend to miss an easy step that comes before that- “Identifying the abundance that already exists in our lives.” Abundance is such a wide term but used only for material objects.. be it money or things that you can buy with money..Abundance can be of  the Love around you in the form of people in your life, abundance of the knowledge available to you or that which you have already acquired..It could be the peace you feel within or abundance of the wonderful experiences that life is bringing forth on a day to day…You could be having abundance of helpful people around you or abundance of friends you can hang out with..Abundance of compliments that you receive…of all the goodness and support around you…. and so on….The list is endless…

We all live different lives and have different perceptions but what matters is how do you see your glass ? Half full or half empty ? And therefore, just being aware of how abundant you already are in the here and now even before you start to consciously create more of what you want into your reality, helps make the shift.. bringing forth what you have already put into your Vortex as wishes,dreams and aspirations….

A good way to start would be to ask yourself Do I not have ABUNDANCE of…….????


Life ….. a long haul flight

There are hundreds of philosophical renditions of life and its meanings.Today as I am sat on an aircraft , I can’t help but think of the similarities of a plane journey with life itself.

We all start out in a particular direction, most of us have goals and dreams and ideas for our future and where we want to get to. Much like a destination of a journey. We all carry ‘baggage’, some heavier , some lighter. The rule of traveling light isn’t just true in the case of literal travel.
Once we take off, external conditions determine if it’s going to be smooth sailing or turbulent… sometimes a bit of both. As are the circumstances in our lives , Happy, stressful, trying , joyous…..

During our travel we meet fellow passengers, just like we pass through acquaintances on a day to day basis.
On this journey, we have the pilots and flight crew for our safety, comfort and assistance. Just like we all are surrounded with family , friends and loved ones that always have our back.

Life ….. a long haul flight. We have the choice to sleep though it or LIVE it !!!!

Neelima Thukral