Energy Healing in Gurgaon

Aren’t we all programed that surrender is a sign of weakness? How the Ego loves the comfort of being in control. It make us feel so powerful. Our need to change the What Is.!! How can we just leave it as it is? That giving In feels like giving up ..

Is it a moment of weakness or strength??

The truth is that there is actually so much more struggle in resistance. It is only when we surrender, that all the weight is lifted off.. Letting go of the need to be in control is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary it takes a whole a lot of courage to do so. It is ok to let life unfold without the struggle and resistance. In fact sometimes it is for the better because by trying to control everything, we sometimes come in our own way and block what is coming…

Once you master the art of letting go and surrender, you come into a state of flow…and that of ease n bliss…The situation starts to change because there is no resistance..There is clarity in that state of being and that’s when you are guided to take inspired action for your highest good.

Neelima Thukral