Third eye

Is it about what you See or is it about how you See?

There is a big hype over the internet about opening of the third eye or the 6th Chakra of our energy meridians. People are experimenting on all means of opening a third eye, be it meditation, herbs, processes mental and physical, through practice of yoga and kriyas and so on.. The pineal gland being spoken about as the physical representation of the Third Eye..

From the time we are born, we are programmed to see everything and everyone around us in a certain manner and we are actually all pretty much looking at everything from the eyes of either parents based on their life experience, our Society the way it expects us to see or general surroundings that we are born and brought up in.

So what is about the third eye opening? Is it really about seeing something unusual which is not visible to the physical eye or is it about how you see life ??? Well this again is a perspective. I feel the Third Eye is open when you start actually seeing life from a neutral space of your mind the way it IS !! Your vision towards everything around you as well as everything About You changes to another dimension.

It’s like seeing life with a brand-new lens. When the Third Eye opens, it opens with it a possibility of looking at everything and everyone from a completely different angle. Then you start seeing your life as mere experiences and start learning from each experience.You become the spectator of all that you experience and drop all judgement of right and wrong, good and bad.. You come into acceptance and joyfully embrace each experience and each one just the way they ARE …

You start to actually appreciate the beauty of each moment and situation as it unfolds not thinking it is favourable or unfavorable. You stop trying to to create a replica of you in the people around you thinking they should be behaving and thinking as per your expectations. Instead you just see them with their uniqueness and start to appreciate, love and respect them. You are grateful for what they are bringing forward for you to see and experience in this lifetime by just being themselves with a knowing that if it wasn’t for them how would you evolve on a soul level..

With this new found vision, what you see around with your physical eyes doesn’t really matter because what n who you see with your Third Eye always feels PERFECT in its Uniqueness…

You see everything with the Eyes of Source and you see everything as Light…

Neelima Thukral

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