Unconditional Love

What is true Love?

True Love is unconditional. It is complete and fulfilling in every way..For it brings with it naturally and effortlessly gestures -be it in the form of words/flowers/gifts/actions or anything. It is the union of two souls coming together to help each other evolve through sharing the spirit of oneness in the form of two separate human bodies.

When it comes from a place of giving rather than receiving…from what can I deliver to give happiness…How can I be the best version of me to bringing out the best in the other that’s when what you really desire in the form of perfect love manifests…When you invest emotions without getting attached to expectations of returns, is when you actually receive more than you can ever imagine..for, at that moment, the same mirrored energy is created on the opposite side…Our thoughts are energy in the form what we give out to reflect back to us. Whatever emotions one invests n feeds on in any relationship that’s what comes back like a boomerang…
Life is ‘Give and Take’…The saying is what is true to everything that life is about…You first Give and in that process, what you first receive is happiness and joy. You receive that pleasure in the giving first and then it passes on to the other through your gesture. The feeling of giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving…
And in the process of just doing what feels light to you, there is a light kindled in the other to deliver more than what is received…That’s how so much more of the energy you put in comes back many folds to you..The ‘mirror effect’…
”Love” being our true soul essence, we all have so much potential of giving it for we are oceans of Love within and there is an infinite supply of it which expands as it flows.
The more you give. The more you receive..so we all can afford to be liberal rather extravagant when it comes to giving love…
That’s what Love is all about and it cannot be any less than PERFECT!
Happy Valentine’s and Love to all

Neelima Thukral

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