Are you really one?

We love to play victim in our life.. Victim of situations.. Victim of people treating us in a certain manner. That is our best escape.. Otherwise how would we put the blame of our failures or unfinished business on others..How would we justify our actions/reactions towards people and situations in life?

We make ourselves powerless by saying this person did this to me…If it hadn’t been for this situation, I would have been in a better place in life.. But is this really true. It is only our way of gaining sympathy from others or camouflaging our own shortcomings..It is more like an excuse that we give ourselves to stay out of our own guilt..

Yes you are a VICTIM.. but never of situations or people..You are a victim of the conscious choices you make..Whether you choose to continue with whatever is happening in your life or you choose to change it, is always in your always has been…

You are solely responsible for all that is happening around you for it is the outcome of your own actions and reactions to every moment, every situation as well as every person around you..Nobody is doing anything to you…

Does not it feel powerless to be in the Victim Mode ?? The next time you blame anyone else or anything else for all that you are going through, ask yourself this simple question.. Am I really a Victim to this or am I making a conscious choice to be one???

Don’t like anything , Change it…

Take back your Power…That is what is called executing Free Will and we all are born with it..

Neelima Thukral

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