Blessing Situations and People

How to come into acceptance of what is…

You start living in pure ecstasy every moment that is and flow with whatever comes and as it comes, being witness to each experience and cherishing and savoring every new lesson that it brings with it.

There is no judgment of anything being pleasant or just see it as it is..and you see it as beautiful for you know the value of going through it and how it is taking you forward on your journey. Having a realization that all that is happening around you is exactly how you have chosen it to be.

The people who come across as challenges are actually your best soul masters who have chosen to take the brunt of all your hatred just to assist you to move a step ahead on your soul journey…Coming into awareness of all being your choices, you bless every situation every person just taking with you the priceless lessons from all.

Living and enjoying every moment to the fullest with a knowing that every experience is exactly how your soul has chosen it to be and it could not be anything less than PERFECT! !.

Neelima Thukral

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