Crystal healing

One of the most beautiful treasures that mother earth has given us is the infinite range of Crystals. Coming in a whole arena of colors, shapes and sizes their beauty is simply breathtaking…

Crystals are said to be wise masters as they have stored within them infinite information and energy from ancient times. If you walk into a crystal shop and are drawn to a particular crystal be it because of the color or shape, it is because maybe at that point of time in your life you need to connect with that part of you or your life that needs healing. That is why it is believed that you don’t choose crystals, in fact, Crystals choose you.

Crystals help to heal not only on a physical level but also have amazing metaphysical healing properties. They can heal the energy meridians(chakras) in the body bringing balance not only into our energy body. They also help release toxic mental patterns creating sync between all energy bodies. Some crystals are known to even heal past life trauma, clearing ancestral baggage and past life patterns which are being carried into current life and affecting present life situations.

Whether it is through drinking Crystal-infused water, carrying one in your purse, meditating with a crystal in your hand or by keeping one under your pillow, as you start connecting to Crystal energy, they can bring healings on so many levels in the day to day life…

Neelima Thukral

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