Sweep it clean…

Cleaning emotional build up helps clear internal clutter just like clearing your physical space helps declutter & creates more room for something new and better.

A good way to start cleaning emotional space is by bringing your awareness to what you feel being around certain people or how you feel doing certain things. Your reactions towards people & situations act like a good barometer to know emotional state ..

Becoming aware of your trigger points and at the same time detoxifying your emotions from time to time helps prevent too much emotional build up that eventually manifests as physical illness.

Keeping communication lines open when it comes to people and learning to say no once in a while when you are pushed beyond your comfort, helps prevent the unnecessary clutter of internal dialogue which eventually builds up as toxic emotions..Unspoken words have as much impact as spoken words as they have a strong energy even when no dialogue is exchanged..

Making peace within from the heart centre or avoiding the trigger is a matter of individual choice but either ways what is important is to maintain a healthy state of being on both mental and emotional levels..You have to be feeling at ease within..

The key word here is “AWARENESS” towards your “FEELINGS”. Start looking at them & then into them ! Travel light !!

Neelima Thukral

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