Do you trust the unknown??

A bird’s ability to fly high comes from a place of surrender and trust in the unknown. Surrender brings with it, a feeling of freedom making you fearless.. Birds, plants and animals live in perfect sync with the laws of nature.There is no room for doubt or fear, neither in self nor  in the Creator of all..They trust each moment that no matter what, they will be provided and taken care of..

All they actually do, is fly high fearlessly to discover their highest potential in the here and now with an understanding that life is short and perishable and the impermanence being all the more reason to live life it to its fullest..If we were to know all that is in store for us, life would be half as interesting…Anxiety would be at its peak even more than what it is right now and we would completely be disconnected with our present just worrying or trying to change what is to yet to come…

The beauty of each moment is in the mystery of the unknown..Every moment brings with it infinite possibilities as it unfolds..That is why each and every moment is new and fresh and  it also gives us an opportunity to respond to it in a brand new way every time…How beautiful is that !!!

Coming into a state of being that trusts whatever unfolds is going to be beautiful in its own way and looking at it as an opportunity  of growth on so many levels can be so much fun and exciting as it dissolves all fears and doubts of that which is the UNKNOWN.

And that gives you a fair chance to discover the Unknown potential within you too….

So would you rather live a life based on fear or rather embrace all that is coming while you enjoy every moment of the process of Life unfolding into its newness and awesomeness??

Neelima Thukral

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  1. Wonderful experience of my life.its feel like all burden from my mind had gone with a positive mind which leads to happiness and full of positive and healthy environment.

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