What’s on your Menu?

What’s cooking today??

Every morning we wake up and decide what we would like to have as meals right from breakfast to lunch and dinner mid- meals and what not to look after our physical body.. We want to balance protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fluid everything because we want to have a balanced diet for energy, vitality as well as to look fit ..We also manage to find time to figure out what kind of activity or exercise suits our lifestyle or mental temperament..So much thought for the physical body…What about the emotional and mental bodies?? Do they not require the same attention? I would say rather they require more attention than we give them..

The moment you open your eyes in the morning life offers a full-fledged buffet menu  of  thoughts – positive /negative, low or high vibration, happy or sad, giving you so many options to choose for the day.. Your first thought in the morning is kind of  like breakfast… It kickstarts  the day and pretty much determines how your day is likely to be…The thought you choose in the morning attracts another one similar to it and then another one replicating it, leading to trail of thoughts matching one another which then turn into to an emotion or feeling a certain way you may call it…

Say  for instance, you choose gratitude  as your first thought.. The moment you think about one thing that you are grateful for, another thought joins in and then another and another of a similar nature filling you in with reasons to feel more grateful for and that raises your vibration which actually makes you feel good and as these thoughts turn into your emotion. they attract experiences of a similar nature into your day. You start bringing in experiences with reasons of feeling more gratitude through the people around you and things around you or coincidences because you have the momentum going in that direction..The same goes for choosing an unpleasant thought like imperfection or complaining. Wherever your focus  of thoughts goes, similar situations start to come forth bringing in more and more of the same for that is what you are now carrying in your energy field be it in the form of verbal or internal dialogue ..Then you end up saying Oh  God ! what a day.. things kept going wrong one after the other …Where does this end??

So what  you choose every single day from this menu is up to you and until then you are fully in control. What is it that you choose ? Is it gratitude? Do you choose fun? Do you choose peace and bliss? Happiness ?? joy ? appreciation of all that is around you and all the people around you ? Do you choose counting your blessings or do you choose otherwise ..which is bringing focus on what is not, what doesn’t seem right, how people are not behaving to impress you, how life should have been..Or this is not really working according to how you would want it to be.. Are you choosing to find imperfection in everything and everyone around you …sadness complaining, grieving, resentment, anger ??The best part is, each day is a fresh start and you have a brand new choice of what you want going for you..Every morning just like the food you choose, you have a wide range of thoughts and emotions on the menu..What you choose, defines your experience for the day..

So what do you have on your platter today?? Does it look APPETIZING and balanced??

Neelima Thukral

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