Feeling stuck in life? Use this magic wand.

Feeling lost and lacking a sense of direction? Working so hard but things are just not moving for some reason or the other. Sounds familiar? If this is your life story, then read on. We as humans are always trying our best in every situation, doing everything possible to succeed in life. Just like our dreams, the chase is endless too. Done it all and don’t know what to do? Try this because it works. Whether you are feeling stuck in life or in a particular situation or financially, this can be your magic wand to manifest anything effortlessly and put an end to all suffering.

How to start your day.

As the day begins, try starting it with this Prayer of Surrender to whichever Divine energy you worship. You may call it God, Allah, Waheguru, Bhagwan or you may call it UNIVERSE. I am using the word Divine here, but you can use what resonates with you. It will surprise you to see how beautifully the day unfolds for you, bringing magic and miracles in every moment.
Synchronicities will start happening. You will be taken to the right place at the right time to meet the right person as if it’s a coincidence. But actually, it is Divine taking charge and making things happen for you in alignment with your desires. Everything will come to you with ease, joy, and glory and in Abundance.

To move from feeling stuck into the power of Surrender. Do this Prayer.

“I surrender to the Divine all that I require and all that I desire at this moment in my life. Today I surrender all of my experience of life happening through this body as well as what I experience through my five senses to the Divine. My feelings and my emotions, you take care of it all.
I surrender all that is about me, all that is around me, and also all those who surround me to you. My dreams, my aspirations, my goals are all yours to fulfill and so are my expectations and disappointments. I surrender every moment of this day to the Divine powers to unfold magic and miracles for me in all I do. And I declare that YOU function through me today.
I trust that the Divine not only knows all my needs, my wants, and whatever is my asking but also it knows what is best for me so I leave it all to the higher powers to align my dreams with my highest and greatest good. Today I set myself free from all burdens and I am going to enjoy every moment now in a carefree childlike state. I have full faith that everything is taken care of to perfection as I surrender. In Mind, in Body, and in Soul, with all of my being, I surrender to the Divine to guide me to take only inspired action that is in perfect alignment with bringing peace, joy, happiness, love, and Light into my life. I allow myself to be divinely guided and assisted moment by moment as I go on with the day.
As I ask Divine to take over and take charge, I am open to receiving all the goodness and deliciousness that the Universe has to offer to me. Casting all of my burdens, my cares onto the Divine, I travel light. And SO IT IS DONE! I Thank you in full faith.”🙏🙏

It is most powerful when you say this prayer with full faith and with a feeling of complete Surrender. You can say this prayer whenever you feel low or lost and will definitely see a shift internally as well as in your situation at hand. You will not be feeling stuck in life anymore because things will get moving. This works and it always does. Try this and as it works, make this your daily ritual and see what happens.


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