HAPPINESS is what we all are seeking and it is a never-ending search. Often our focus is on pleasing others rather than on ourselves. At the same time, many of us could be too focussed on our own needs overlooking the needs of others. Giving happiness is a wonderful thing to do. Giving too much or expecting too much in return, both states are imbalanced.

The Heart Chakra

We all want everyone around us to be happy and we are constantly working towards giving them happiness. We go all out and in fact, often go out of the way for the people we care about. The Heart Chakra is the chakra for this kind of exchange of energy of giving and receiving. It is an important chakra because it is in the center of the upper three and lower three chakras. It is you may say, the center of your being. An imbalance in this chakra could be the cause of doing too much for others and not knowing when to draw the line.

Crossing the line in giving happiness

Whenever you cross the fine line and go out of your comfort zone to make others happy, there is always going to be a part of you that is eventually going to be unhappy. There are two reasons for this. One, you are going beyond your comfort so it is not going to be ok for long and it will eventually leave you exhausted. Trying too hard can be overwhelming and feel heavy after some time. The second issue with over-delivering is, that when you do too much for others, you start to expect the same back in return.

Expectations bring grief

When you go out of your way to please others, you start expecting the same from them in return. You are bound to be disappointed in the end because we all are made differently. The other person may or may not have the capacity or willingness to go out of the way for you. Then starts the parade of your reactions towards the person because somewhere you are feeling empty or unloved. This whole process will strain the relationship and make people on both ends unhappy.

Balance is key even when it is about giving happiness

Striking a balance between giving happiness to others and caring for yourself is key in life. Happiness is an environment we create around us and it first starts from within. We all must learn to know how much to do and then draw the line for the sake of respecting ourselves. A person who is too giving is often taken for granted and exploited in a subtle way that they may not even come to know.

Only If you are happy, can you spread it all around to those who you truly love. When you do something for someone, make sure it is within your comfort zone and do it without expectations attached. That way you will be a happy giver and whatever comes in return, take it as a bonus and be a good receiver.


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Feeling lost and lacking a sense of direction? Working so hard but things are just not moving for some reason or the other. Sounds familiar? If this is your life story, then read on. We as humans are always trying our best in every situation, doing everything possible to succeed in life. Just like our dreams, the chase is endless too. Done it all and don’t know what to do? Try this because it works. Whether you are feeling stuck in life or in a particular situation or financially, this can be your magic wand to manifest anything effortlessly and put an end to all suffering.

How to start your day.

As the day begins, try starting it with this Prayer of Surrender to whichever Divine energy you worship. You may call it God, Allah, Waheguru, Bhagwan or you may call it UNIVERSE. I am using the word Divine here, but you can use what resonates with you. It will surprise you to see how beautifully the day unfolds for you, bringing magic and miracles in every moment.
Synchronicities will start happening. You will be taken to the right place at the right time to meet the right person as if it’s a coincidence. But actually, it is Divine taking charge and making things happen for you in alignment with your desires. Everything will come to you with ease, joy, and glory and in Abundance.

To move from feeling stuck into the power of Surrender. Do this Prayer.

“I surrender to the Divine all that I require and all that I desire at this moment in my life. Today I surrender all of my experience of life happening through this body as well as what I experience through my five senses to the Divine. My feelings and my emotions, you take care of it all.
I surrender all that is about me, all that is around me, and also all those who surround me to you. My dreams, my aspirations, my goals are all yours to fulfill and so are my expectations and disappointments. I surrender every moment of this day to the Divine powers to unfold magic and miracles for me in all I do. And I declare that YOU function through me today.
I trust that the Divine not only knows all my needs, my wants, and whatever is my asking but also it knows what is best for me so I leave it all to the higher powers to align my dreams with my highest and greatest good. Today I set myself free from all burdens and I am going to enjoy every moment now in a carefree childlike state. I have full faith that everything is taken care of to perfection as I surrender. In Mind, in Body, and in Soul, with all of my being, I surrender to the Divine to guide me to take only inspired action that is in perfect alignment with bringing peace, joy, happiness, love, and Light into my life. I allow myself to be divinely guided and assisted moment by moment as I go on with the day.
As I ask Divine to take over and take charge, I am open to receiving all the goodness and deliciousness that the Universe has to offer to me. Casting all of my burdens, my cares onto the Divine, I travel light. And SO IT IS DONE! I Thank you in full faith.”šŸ™šŸ™

It is most powerful when you say this prayer with full faith and with a feeling of complete Surrender. You can say this prayer whenever you feel low or lost and will definitely see a shift internally as well as in your situation at hand. You will not be feeling stuck in life anymore because things will get moving. This works and it always does. Try this and as it works, make this your daily ritual and see what happens.


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Doesn’t matter what religion you follow or whether or not you follow any religion at all. Do you believe that there is a supreme power beyond and above us humans?
Whether you see and connect with it through the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, or Universe it does not matter. Do you really believe in God?
Before you say YES, read this.

Complete Surrender

Saying Yes that you do believe in God or the Divine, and if at the same time you are stressed and worried then there is something missing here. Worrying and faith don’t go together because where there is faith, there is complete trust. Where there is trust there is surrender. Surrender does not mean becoming helpless or powerless. Surrender has a power of its own. The power of surrender goes beyond the comfort zone of being in control. The (DO ALL- BE ALL ) tendency of us humans. It comes with a state of unshakeable faith and trust.

When you trust no matter what the situation and say ‘God I know you are with me in this’. ‘I trust you completely because I know things will work out well for me and I know you have a plan for me’. If having said this, you feel at ease and relaxed, then you are right, you do believe in God.

Childs like trust in God

Have you seen when a father throws the child playfully in the air? We all have experienced it or seen it. The child joyfully enjoys it knowing for sure, that the father will never let him fall. He enjoys the flight and the free fall as much, surrendering to the game because there is complete trust between them. That is what we call faith and if you can have that with the Divine, then you can say you believe in God.

The battle within

If you have been struggling with something continuously be it a situation or a person or a relationship. In the given situation, you may have loaded all your weapons and tried to fight them out to your best ability yet it has been going on forever. You even have a feeling and know that it is a lost cause, but still you choose to go on fighting it. Well just so you know, this battle is not happening outside of you. It is a battle within because you are swimming against the tide. Eventually, it will leave you exhausted. When you live in faith you don’t have to work so hard to make things work.

Believe in God

All I’m saying is, if you have tried it all with little or no success, try surrender. Put down your weapons and your guards and choose faith and just for once, trust completely in the Divine power.(whatever it is for you)
Try this and see the whole situation disappear and things suddenly start getting better for you. Surrender brings with it PEACE. When you allow the Divine to take charge, things are restored to divine order. So today say -YES I BELIEVE IN GOD!Ā  Ask for divine intervention and let it go to be resolved by the Higher Power.

It is just to remind you that you are not alone and there is hope in every situation. With Divine by your side, every problem has a solution.
May your faith be restored with a miracle today.

I believe in God. Do you?

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Love always returns. Yes, It returns a thousand folds. Don’t think that I have given love to this person and I will get it back from the same source. Know that from whatever source, it will come back many folds to you.

If it does not return, then it is proof that you haven’t sent it out in the first place. Question yourself. Did I truly give out Love or was I just displaying it? Was I mimicking it as love or faking it? The Law of attraction says that what goes around comes back. Just like Love returns as Love, hatred will come back as hatred and so goes for everything else. This rule applies and reflects everywhere in life. If you observe, your own energy is traveling as vibration all around you. It is simple, That which is going through you is coming back to you.

Love attracts Love and it always returns in someway.

You are a powerful magnet. It is YOU who is attracting vibrations of whatever that you are putting out as energy in the universe. What you give out returns back to you a thousand times. Even though the means may not be the same but still it is exactly what you sent out. The shape and form might have changed. The source will have changed. If you have truly loved someone then if not from the same, it will come back to you through some other person.

We humans expect everything to come back from the same source. This always will keep you in the energy of lack. When you want to have an abundance of anything in life, be it love or attention, or anything else for that matter, just be open to experiencing it and receiving it. Once sent out, the vibration and the momentum are created and that is it. Relaxing with the assurance that it will come back in some way or another is all that you need to do. Getting fixated on the source is not such a great idea. The Universe has its own way of bringing back whatever that you are putting out because it knows exactly what you are asking.

Remember that your experience of life is being created by you so do not try to play the victim and play the blame game. If you Look at what is coming to you in your life, you will notice that it is exactly what you are sending out to the universe because ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’.

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If you look around you, the world is full of people who are fueled by power struggles, greed, anger, hostility, and fear. Despite all the spiritual teachings freely available to so many of us, there are still wars, chaos, and destruction. All the anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, hurt, loss, despair, and fears within, are showing up as reality everywhere around. Why? Because in some way or another we have become used to running on Auto-Pilot mode in our life.

As much as we might want to change others, the reality is that we can only change ourselves. We have to begin from where we are within us to experience the change around. Our personal and professional lives are a reflection of all that we see and hear about in the world today. This energy of emotions can change only if we accept the fact that we are as much a part of the problem as we are of the solution.

Are you on Auto-Pilot?

We are most of the time in automatic pilot mode. Be it dropping off the children at school every day, traveling the same way to work. Doing our daily chores in a certain order and manner, we have become creatures of habit. This is visible in our daily routines as we have become too lazy to think or do things differently. Wedded to the familiar, we are not open to trying something new anymore.

Over the years, we have unconsciously become enslaved to the path that we have created because we are no more curious. Have you accepted and resigned to thinking that you are this type of person or that? It is not surprising if you have, because you have become used to maintaining a certain perspective of your being.

Change is possible if you get off the Auto-Pilot mode.

The truth is we can change our life and our way of existence if we become aware that there are other routes, gradients and shades, and ways to our thoughts and feelings. We can create a brand new reality by just recognizing that change, growth, and healing are possible. Are you willing to take a leap and see what else is possible from within you? By reflecting within and by choosing differently, you can restore your innate positive qualities, and change how you experience life.

The SHIFT begins with YOU.

How is the shift possible? Well, we all talk about the much-needed shift in mass consciousness. It has to start somewhere and why not from you? The whole Planet can benefit if you make a choice TODAY. When you start to choose differently, then your life changes, and this change reflects in your surroundings. Yes, it is possible to bring a positive change into the world but remember the shift begins with you.

The healing power of Reiki.

What if the Reiki could play a greater part in healing the world? YES! With Reiki, the possibilities and potential are endless. What does Reiki do? Reiki is a very powerful tool that raises your consciousness. It helps you let go of mental patterns that do not serve you anymore. It brings a change in perspective that helps you make better choices in life. Your actions, reactions, and responses towards your surroundings and those around you change when Reiki brings in more awareness.

How can YOU be of value to others?

It is our joint responsibility to make this world a better place. By Learning Reiki Level I and Level II, you will not only learn to heal yourself but also be empowered to heal others. You can heal your surroundings. You will be able to send Reiki to places of natural disasters and do mass healing through distant healing. Let us together bring more Light into this wonderful planet we live on by becoming the light for others.

Heal yourself-choose to heal othersheal Mother Earth and heal the planet with the Life Force Energy called Reiki.

Addictions can be of many types: Mental, Physical, and Emotional. The fact is that 90% of people who have them, may not even be aware of them. So, what exactly is an addiction? Well, any mental, emotional, or physical act that you are doing in excess eventually becomes an addiction. A habit that you have developed over time. Something you feel you have no control over, that is an addiction. It is more like a compulsive act or behavioral pattern that makes you an addict.

Sometimes, addictions can be very subtle and you wouldn’t even know you have one. While on the one hand, you may be fully aware of an addiction and struggling to give it up. On the other hand, you may have just accepted one as a part of your normal life.

Addict or not?

Although not all factors leading to addictions may be external, most of the time, the reason could be an internal conflict asking for attention. Just look around you, how is Life is unfolding for you? What kind of relationships do you have at work and home? What kind of situations are you attracting towards you? The type of people you have in your life, all of this defines you. If you don’t like something, then maybe it is time to look within. See if you have any addictions that are repeatedly bringing those experiences to you.

Awareness is key

Whether it is mental, physical, or emotional, usually all addictions have a major impact on the quality of life. Lack of awareness is a dark place to be. Your mental, physical and emotional patterns define to a great extent what the world around you looks like as you are continuously creating your reality. Depending upon what you are creating inside, Life is mirroring that on the outside.

Once you’ve identified you’re an addict, what’s the next step? Reiki is a powerful yet gentle modality that brings awareness on all levels. It helps in healing all kinds of addictions with ease. You can either take help from a therapist and heal with Reiki therapies, or heal yourself by learning Reiki. No matter what you choose, the results are wonderful.


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In some way or another are we all not prisoners? A lot of it comes from our programming since the time we are born. Firstly, the labels given by our parents as we are growing up, secondly our peer groups and thirdly teachers in school. Not to forget how society defines us as adults is just a major one. Statements, judgments, and points of view like ‘You are this. You are that. You are not capable of doing this. ‘This is not your cup of tea’ You are not the types to do this– and it goes on and on. Doesn’t this sound familiar and somewhat makes you feel like a prisoner of others’ opinions?

Not to forget when gender comes in and puts in yet another label stating for instance how a boy or a girl should be a certain way. So to say, we are living our entire life based on what others think or say that we are and surprisingly many a times we end up becoming that too. These labels hold us captives throughout our life. The roles we play as mother, father, daughter, or son. At times wrapped up in the roles we play, the characters we portray, and the labels we are given, the essence of us being ourselves gets completely lost.

Are you really what you are being told you are or is there more to you?

What if you are nothing like that which people around you see you as or make you believe to be? What if you are something else? Who is it that decides who you are? Should it not be you? Let not others define who you are with their judgments. Maybe you are so much more than that what the outer world sees you as. Take all views only as points of view. Discover yourself dropping all of those limitations of labels. You are not only the roles that are playing. There is so much more to you beyond that.

You really don’t have to feel like a prisoner. Question yourself who you truly are and set yourself free

At times we are prisoners of our own belief systems. All that we have picked up on our journey of life going through different experiences limit our own self-worth. Maybe it is a lack of confidence or too much judgment of self which results in self-doubt. We are infinite beings, ever-changing and evolving with every experience so set yourself free from all of those opinions that make you believe otherwise. Whatever you know and believe about yourself or have been made to believe, remember that there is so much more to you which you must keep discovering as you move forward in life. While it is wonderful and sometimes helpful to get opinions of those around us, but owning them as 100% true, well that, is not such a great idea because who else can know you better than yourself?

No labels-No tags- Just points of views.

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Does the saying “What goes around comes back” Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s an old one we all have heard a million times. If you are unhappy about the way people around you are treating you, then perhaps you should ask this question to yourself-What am I putting out there? The universe is just bringing back the same to you. It is like a buffet on the table. What are you laying on the table? It better be something you love. Or is it something you dislike? If you desire goodness in life then you have to first be in sync with what you desire.

Whatever is happening inside is being mirrored outward too.

If you have anger within, then that is exactly what will come back to you in the form of an argument or confrontation. The same goes for every emotion that you are holding within. Whether you want it or not, it is reflecting outward knowingly or unknowingly.

So if you want love, express love wherever you go and it will come back to you.
You want respect ? Show respect to your co-workers, your elders, or even strangers.
Similarly, if you want abundance of money, then helping someone in need or paying more than committed for a job, giving charity are some good ways to attract more of it. Trust it will most certainly come back many folds from even the most unexpected sources.

Giving out some happiness. surprising someone with a gift, doing something kind, a loving gesture will get back that happiness to you. When you give out kindness, then it is bound to come back in some way or another.

Are you in sync with what you desire?

Life is nothing just experiences coming from the exchange of energy based on what are you sending out moment by moment. From where or how it comes, sources are unlimited. You got to let it go and let it flow to make it come to you. To sum it up, for anything to come to you, you must first release it out to the universe as much as possible.

If you are not getting what you desire in life, then you can change it by being the change first.


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Chakras are energy centres located at different points on the etheric body. They are wheel like vortices about 6 inches in diameter, funnelling into the spine. Apart from the root and crown chakras, each chakra is a pair front and back. The front part regulates feelings, while the back parts are the will centres. They regulate the amount of energy required by us. There are about 114 major and minor chakras out of which 108 are located in the body. They are closely linked to the endocrine system of the body. The endocrine system controls the hormonic balance in the body and has a powerful effect on a person’s moods and emotions. Any imbalance in the endocrine system, leads to mental and physical illness.

When a person has a negative emotion or has gone through pain or trauma, he/she blocks off the relevant chakra in order to avoid the pain, as a natural defence mechanism. The chakra then begins gets clogged with stagnated energy and can get distorted or torn. When a person is in perfect mental and physical health, it means the chakras are functioning normally. 

Reiki treatments concentrate on the 7 main chakras which are located along the spine. The chakras absorb the Universal Life Force Energy, also known as Prana or Chi, break it up into component parts and send it along energy rivers called Nadis/channels to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then to the blood to nourish the body. All Chakras are connected to different parts of the body.

When there is a balance on the energy centres called Chakras, illness manifests in the physical body so as to bring attention to the distortion in that particular energy centre. Be it emotional , mental or physical health a lot of issues can be resolved by bringing balance into the energy body. Of course medical help and advice needs to be taken as and when required but it is worth taking into consideration if the root cause of a problem is coming from an imbalance relevant to a particular chakra and along with medical treatment, alternate therapy is also introduced to bring the energy centres into alignment.

Is your illness really coming from a physical cause?

Neellima Thukral