Perfect 2020 Vision

Is this how you see??

In this brand new decade , as you look in the mirror that life presents, ask yourself, does what I see resonate with me? What belongs in my life? What beliefs work for me? Which ideologies resonate with me and which do not? Rather than judging yourself or others, use the diversity to help you learn, discern and make clear decisions about who you are who you wish to be.

Each one of us has come to this world for different reasons, desiring different experiences and wanting to share different gifts. Some of us resonate with each other and get along easily while some of us do not. We are not all meant to agree. A perfect and unique embodiment of divine love. when you know yourself as infinite, you realize your beliefs are right for you and your desires, opinions, preferences are right for you. Your morals and ethics are right for you…

In this light, you also understand that everyone else on the planet has their own beliefs desires, preferences, and opinions that are uniquely for the path of their soul’s growth. To live and let live. To love and let love without judgment of self and others is one of the highest forms of spiritual freedom.
Let this year give you 2020 vision of clarity, so you can see clearly the divinity within you and others.

Neelima Thukral

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