Reiki Healers in Gurgaon

Whether it is about a situation or a relationship, or anything else in life you are unhappy about, feeling sad is not such a bad thing..Sadness or Dis- ease on an emotional or physical front is actually good for you..No matter what the reason, it brings with it clarity.

Is it ok to feel that way?

Clarity… that there is something not right about the situation in your external or something internal doesn’t feel right…Both these have a role to play when it comes to how we are feeling..Sadness within makes us analyze if the change needs to take place within or an outside action is required to restore peace..

Our negative emotions tell us that we are out of sync and not on the same vibration of our higher self – our soul consciousness. As we feel the dis-ease within, we strive to find inner peace. We automatically start connecting to that part of us that has all solutions – our internal guidance system. It is this reconnection every single time that brings forth solutions guiding us what action to take internally as well as externally to set things right.

And So… Peace follows…..

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