‘No man’s land’

This is the place to be….
When I don’t love you, I don’t hate you..It opens doors to a whole new world of possibilities.. There is so much room for compassion. I listen to you but there is no judgement..

I am fully present with you and not needy for your attention..There is no past to judge neither is my mind continuously planning any future ..I am just in the moment- The Present..There are no expectations, neither I am under any pressure to deliver anything…

No names, no tags, no labels, just you and me..No ego fighting for survival.. No fear… Nothing to Gain & nothing to Lose… It is a state of neither Attachment nor Detachment...I give you space …I let you be…I love you and I love me…

What if I can meet you at this mid place… What a wonderful place this can be …I acknowledge You, and I can still be Me..

Cease fire!! It’s ‘No Man’s land’

Neelima Thukral

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