What do I see in the mirror? You or Me?

How can you see your eyes? Don’t you need a mirror to see them? All Creation is nothing but the mirror in which your eye sees itself reflected. Others’ means ‘I’ in another form. This world is a mirror in which you can see yourself reflected..
Whatever you wish to heal within myself, you must ask to be healed for the person in front of you.
This is the law of the universe..You have to be that change that you wish to see in the other..You must bless If you wish to be blessed ..
When you are troubled by the behaviour of someone, you must understand the fact, that person is a reflecting back to you that part which needs to heal within you. Having this simple understanding just start sending healings and blessings to that part of that person and in the process you will be healed too.
If you wish to receive Love, send loving healing energy to that person and as that person receives and heals it will come back to you..
This rule applies to every thing that you expect or want from the person on the other side…
You have to be ‘THAT’ that you desire to see in front of you.
Healings take place as we bless people or pray for them.
When you pray for others, you are bound to receive in the process ..
The Proverb ” Do to others as you desire them to do to you” is so so true..
This is the simplest and easiest way to heal relationships..Drop all resistance.

Send blessings and prayers and receive them..How does it get better than this???
For the other person is nothing but a mirrored image of yourself.. When you start looking at the people who you find challenging with this perspective, you will start to feel Gratitude towards them rather than anger , irritation or remorse towards them for it is indeed so kind of them to show and reflect back to you what part of YOU needs to be healed within..

I Bless you.
I send you love ..
I send you peace…


What goes around comes back…

Neelima Thukral


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