Healers in Gurgaon

In the midst of your world’s chaos and the contrast, we come to know and love our own perspective even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others as right or wrong, good or bad instead use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which help to more clearly see and acknowledge our own heart and our own truths.

Take this opportunity of this new decade to take focus off of what the world or others around are doing, make your own heart and joy your priority. Focus on loving yourself so you can truly love others. Focus on valuing your own perspective instead of seeking agreement and allow others their sacred points of view. Let not the political and social climate affect your joy. Whatever the financial world may be, it need not affect your god given abundance. Let others opinion about you be what they are. Their opinions don’t mean a thing about how you feel about yourself or your life.
Commit wholly with the divine light and love within you. Commit to self-love and acceptance of self…

From chaos and differences to order and oneness.

Neelima Thukral