Do you often feel overwhelmed in a crowd? People turn a lot to you for advice and share their secrets? Feel emotionally drained when there are too many people around you all the time? Do you more than often feel the need to have time alone to revive and re-center yourself? If you have a calming effect on other people’s moods with your presence and words. Well, then yes, it is very likely that you are an Empath.

Who is an Empath?

An Empath is a person who has an unusually strong ability to feel other people’s emotional or mental state. Being an Empath means you have the ability to understand others from their perspective. At times an Empath can even feel the physical pain of the other. The term Empath comes from Empathy. It is the ability to understand the experience and feelings of others outside of your own perspective. While this is a good thing but there is also a downside to it. Empaths are like sponge bobs soaking up the feelings of others and this can be rather overwhelming.

Are you an Empath?

Here are some signs you are one.

An Empath is a good Listener

When people are drawn to you as if you are a magnet and find it easy to express themselves to you for some reason. This includes strangers or people you have just met. People feel comfortable and relaxed and trust you with their secrets. If you experience all this a lot then you are an Empath. People will often say they feel light after talking to you as if you have taken off the load from their head and heart.

You are a good listener and people tend to tell you their problems way too often. If you are an Empath, people approach you most of the time when they are overwhelmed or in distress. Your loved ones also may feel comforted by your support and every now and then, they reach out to you when there is a difficulty.

Difficulty setting boundaries for yourself

You feel the compulsion to help others all the time. Finding it difficult to say NO even when too much is being asked. You feel the compulsion to help people and when you are not able to help them, you feel completely disappointed with yourself. This often leaves you feeling restless and helpless. If you are an Empath, drawing boundaries puts you in guilt and feels like you don’t care for your loved ones.

Picking up energies in a crowd

Feeling drained when you spend time around certain people? You will have often experienced when you come back home from a social gathering even though it was a pleasant one, you feel heavy or get a headache. This may have nothing to do with you but as an Empath you may have picked up somebody else’s energy.

Feeling deeply into the feelings of people in a room especially when in a crowd is something we all have experienced at some point. When suddenly for no obvious reason, you start to feel uncomfortable and you describe yourself as a sensitive person. Maybe you being an Empath are constantly picking up the energies and emotions of those around you.

Being Sensitive Emotionally

When someone shares something with you, you are highly sensitive and often pick up on their feelings and own them as your own. You might find it difficult to differentiate between your own emotions and the emotions of others as if they are a part of your own experience. When someone else’s pain and happiness becomes your own happiness and pain, then you are an Empath. Getting anxious, angry, and over-involved in other people’s issues is common with Empaths.

Getting affected physically

At times Empaths can even feel the physical pain of the other. If you are picking up negative energy and negative emotions related to the physical distress of those around you. So much so that you become physically unwell yourself, means you are a Physical Empath. Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. You literally absorb the pain of others.

No time for self-care

Being an Empath you can tell if someone is in need of help and you may find it hard to find time for yourself. While you can provide emotional support for others you may often feel emotionally drained yourself. If you struggle to turn off the ability to feel and find it impossible to stop giving even when you have no energy left means you are an Empath.

Not finding time to feel or detox your own emotions because you are so busy picking up on the emotions of others is not ok. Since you are constantly carrying the emotions of others, you may struggle to switch off and have difficulty with sleep. Constantly receiving inputs from others, you may find it difficult to unwind mentally as well as physically which adversely affects your general well-being.

If you know you are an Empath, it is important to draw a line. Make sure your emotional energy reserves are not swallowed up by others and you don’t burn out completely. Anxiety, Stress, pain, exhaustion, and even depression. What if you were picking up these from others? You must learn how to preserve yourself and your sanity and yet be of value to others seeking your help.


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