Every so often we search for things that are right in front of our eyes but due to lack of attention or awareness, we cannot see them. Phones, spectacles, and even keys happen to us all the time. Don’t you think, just like these things, happiness is also something that we keep looking for everywhere? Sometimes we look for it in people, sometimes in places n things but actually, it is always present within us. The fact is that we always have access to that part of us. It is just that our focus is mostly on what is absent or missing in life rather than focusing on what is present in the moment. It’s always about searching for perfection and thinking about how things should be. That is what makes our search for happiness never-ending.

Living in the present.

No matter what is going on in life, in every moment we have a choice to be happy. We can make a conscious choice of accepting whatever is playing on the outside and still choosing to be happy inside. Happiness is always in the here and now. We lose so much in life. Brooding over the past and worrying about the future, we forget what IS in the present. We are so busy focusing on our goals, dreams, and future plans, that often we miss out on the little things that can bring joy in the present moment. Happiness is a part within us that we can tap into at any given time. So how exactly can we bring the happiness quotient in our life?

To me what is really in my hand is only the Present and that is where I know my happiness lies. We cannot change the past because it is long gone. And the future is more like an illusion we create in our minds. We don’t need to have it all figured out in life at this very moment and it is ok to not know what lies ahead of us in the future. By letting the gift of life unwrap as it comes, we can enjoy its unfolding moment by moment. Living in the present brings so joy and happiness. It also keeps us in the flow state where manifesting what we desire is easier and quicker.

Happiness is a feeling within

No matter where you are, with whomsoever, and what are your possessions, remember that happiness is a feeling that is taking place on the inside and not from the outside. Most of the time we think it is the people, places, and things that are making us happy. It is just that we are used to associating this internal feeling with something outside of us. But the truth is that happiness is an internal state of being. You may have it all but still, be miserable. It is about making a conscious choice and tapping that energy that is already there within.

Life is not always perfect and the way we want it to be but I choose to be happy in the Here and Now at this very moment. What about you? Have you made your choice yet?

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Did you know animals are created to be not vocal so that they can teach us humans, unconditional love? Our pets love us unconditionally and are always looking at us for our approval and love in return. Food is not their only need. They also need nurturing and healing when they are dealing with mental, emotional, and physical issues just like us humans. Animal Reiki is a wonderful and non-evasive way to help your pet during their testing times.

Animals show symptoms of post-traumatic stress when they go through their vaccinations, a surgical procedure, or when given an IV drip for dehydration. Even going through grooming, shaving, and bathing with unknown people can be traumatic for them. Besides medical attention, they also need emotional healing going through all of this. The trauma animals experience from physical abuse is similar to that of humans and they develop Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms just like us.

Symptoms to look out for

Aggression, eating less, losing weight, fear, and difficulty sleeping and sitting melancholically all day are some behavioral patterns that often stem from underlying emotional issues. Not able to toilet-train your pet? Maybe it is coming from reasons like insecurity or being away from his or her family and mother. Reiki helps a lot in such cases and helps heal both mental, physical, and emotional trauma.
Just look into your pet’s eyes, they have stories to tell. While physical symptoms are easy to catch, observing their behavior and gestures can tell a lot about their mental and emotional health. They are capable of expressing themselves in so many ways if you are willing to know what they are going through.

Animal Reiki and me

My observation as a Reiki therapist is that animals and birds are often drawn to me when I visit the vet for my own dog. They want to come close and are very open to receiving healings when they need them. Animals are highly sensitive to energy. Rather they are even more receptive to Reiki healings than us humans. Unlike humans, they trust and allow the process with ease because reiki is so calming and soothing. I have endless success stories of healing with Reiki whether it’s during surgery so its goes well or for fast recovery post-procedures. Reiki also heals any emotional trauma to improve behavioral patterns where there are deep-seated issues. I very rarely have to rush to the vet for my dog as mostly I sort out issues like vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion, and even minor injuries by just giving Reiki and he loves it.

I am an animal lover and I enjoy giving Reiki to animals both one on one and distant. It works wonders for them. I feel blessed that I have the ability to communicate with them through the language of unconditional Love and Reiki. Animals love the healing touch and communicate where the healing is most needed through their body language. They even give gratitude after receiving Reiki healings in their own way, which more often is a bow or loving lick to say thanks for the relief. I enjoy the bond I share with animals as I channel Reiki for them. If you are facing any issue with your beloved pets you can connect for Reiki healings to heal them. Heal your fun companion by gifting them Reiki and expressing your unconditional love for them.

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Doesn’t matter what religion you follow or whether or not you follow any religion at all. Do you believe that there is a supreme power beyond and above us humans?
Whether you see and connect with it through the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, or Universe it does not matter. Do you really believe in God?
Before you say YES, read this.

Complete Surrender

Saying Yes that you do believe in God or the Divine, and if at the same time you are stressed and worried then there is something missing here. Worrying and faith don’t go together because where there is faith, there is complete trust. Where there is trust there is surrender. Surrender does not mean becoming helpless or powerless. Surrender has a power of its own. The power of surrender goes beyond the comfort zone of being in control. The (DO ALL- BE ALL ) tendency of us humans. It comes with a state of unshakeable faith and trust.

When you trust no matter what the situation and say ‘God I know you are with me in this’. ‘I trust you completely because I know things will work out well for me and I know you have a plan for me’. If having said this, you feel at ease and relaxed, then you are right, you do believe in God.

Childs like trust in God

Have you seen when a father throws the child playfully in the air? We all have experienced it or seen it. The child joyfully enjoys it knowing for sure, that the father will never let him fall. He enjoys the flight and the free fall as much, surrendering to the game because there is complete trust between them. That is what we call faith and if you can have that with the Divine, then you can say you believe in God.

The battle within

If you have been struggling with something continuously be it a situation or a person or a relationship. In the given situation, you may have loaded all your weapons and tried to fight them out to your best ability yet it has been going on forever. You even have a feeling and know that it is a lost cause, but still you choose to go on fighting it. Well just so you know, this battle is not happening outside of you. It is a battle within because you are swimming against the tide. Eventually, it will leave you exhausted. When you live in faith you don’t have to work so hard to make things work.

Believe in God

All I’m saying is, if you have tried it all with little or no success, try surrender. Put down your weapons and your guards and choose faith and just for once, trust completely in the Divine power.(whatever it is for you)
Try this and see the whole situation disappear and things suddenly start getting better for you. Surrender brings with it PEACE. When you allow the Divine to take charge, things are restored to divine order. So today say -YES I BELIEVE IN GOD!  Ask for divine intervention and let it go to be resolved by the Higher Power.

It is just to remind you that you are not alone and there is hope in every situation. With Divine by your side, every problem has a solution.
May your faith be restored with a miracle today.

I believe in God. Do you?

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Being in a loving relationship is every heart’s desire. No doubt, the feeling of being loved and desired brings with it a sense of belonging. When you decide to be with somebody, it should never be because you feel a void or feel empty within. Because no matter what, no person or thing can fill up that space within you. Being with someone or living with someone should be a conscious choice while you already feel complete within. It should complement your existence. What is the reason you want to attract love in your life?

We as humans are not suffering from our bondage, rather we are suffering our freedom. The reason we try to bind ourselves with somebody is that we cannot handle the freedom of being on our own. As humans, we find it terrifying if we are set free and that is why we want somebody to hold our hand all the time. We are always seeking for someone to lean on. If you want to attract love in your life, it should be for the purpose of adding joy to your already joyful state of being

Yin and Yang

God created us as complete with both forms of existence. Shiv and Shakti are both within us always. Yin is the feminine energy while Yang is masculine energy. Most of the time one of these two energies is either missing or dominant within us and creates an imbalance. This will also show up in some form in the relationship. Someone with too much yang energy could come across as completely insensitive or too much Yin will appear as clingy and needy. Either of the two shows an imbalanced state of being.

When two people with balanced Ying and Yang energies get into a relationship, the relationship is ecstatic. If you are needy you will attract someone with similar energy and two needy people can never share a fulfilling relationship. It will always make you feel unloved and not cared for. Leaving you feeling empty and lonely even when you are in a relationship.

I complete Me

If you want Love from others, you need to love yourself first. Bring that feeling of being whole and complete within you so won’t have to go and search it outside. As you start to live life like that, it’s like saying ‘I Complete Me’ to the universe and it sends more Love towards you from all directions. For anyone to pour Love into your cup, you have to carry enough of that energy within you first. When your cup is full and overflowing with love for yourself, you become like a magnet. You will automatically attract someone who fills you up with more of that energy that you are already carrying within.

Some tips for Balancing Your energy to attract love in your life

  1. Use Crystals

Crystals can heal and balance energies. Rose Quartz carries wonderful loving energy and is known to attract Love too. You can wear a pendant or bracelet to continuously receive the healing energy. Keeping two Rose quartz hearts in the southeast east corner of your bedroom not only helps attract love into your life but also helps heal and improve your current relationship. Keeping rose quartz in the Southeast corner of your living room will enhance the energy of love between all family members in the house.

2. Creating space for another

If you are single and living alone, create space for inviting a partner by laying an extra plate on the dining table. By keeping extra pillows on the empty side of the bed, you are telling the universe that you are ready to share the space with someone. Place two red rose-scented candles or any symbols of love like mandarin ducks, hearts, or red roses in pairs in the southeast corner of your room to enhance and invite the energy of love and attract a partner in your life.

3. Balance and invoking Love with meditation

Find a quiet place..Light two red rose-scented candles. You can also use an aroma burner with rose essential oil to deepen the experience. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Meditate on the thought “I complete me”.

Imagine a pink light filling up the center of your chest (your Heart Chakra) and feel it expanding outwards. Visualize your heart filling up with the pink light overflowing and spreading all around you in all directions. This light is the light of love for self. Tell yourself – I am worthy of being loved and opening up to receiving from the entire Universe. Allow yourself to bathe in this loving energy. If you have someone in mind, invite that person into this space of love to share the loving energy with you. Be here in this sacred space as long as you like. When you feel complete, open your eyes and get on with your day knowing you have opened up for love and the Universe has received your message.

Namaste the Yoga pose to balance and attract love in your life

Joining hands in Namaste or prayer pose not only balances both left n right hemispheres of the brain, but it also balances your feminine and masculine energies. Doing this meditation daily for 5 minutes also will bring that balance. Once your Yin and Yang energies – the Shiv and Shakti within you are balanced, your whole aura will become magnetic.
You can also give Reiki to your Heart Chakra to attract Love into your life by learning it or asking a healer to channel it to you. As your heart chakra heals and opens up, you will see how love will flow into your life from all directions.


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Do you often feel overwhelmed in a crowd? People turn a lot to you for advice and share their secrets? Feel emotionally drained when there are too many people around you all the time? Do you more than often feel the need to have time alone to revive and re-center yourself? If you have a calming effect on other people’s moods with your presence and words. Well, then yes, it is very likely that you are an Empath.

Who is an Empath?

An Empath is a person who has an unusually strong ability to feel other people’s emotional or mental state. Being an Empath means you have the ability to understand others from their perspective. At times an Empath can even feel the physical pain of the other. The term Empath comes from Empathy. It is the ability to understand the experience and feelings of others outside of your own perspective. While this is a good thing but there is also a downside to it. Empaths are like sponge bobs soaking up the feelings of others and this can be rather overwhelming.

Are you an Empath?

Here are some signs you are one.

An Empath is a good Listener

When people are drawn to you as if you are a magnet and find it easy to express themselves to you for some reason. This includes strangers or people you have just met. People feel comfortable and relaxed and trust you with their secrets. If you experience all this a lot then you are an Empath. People will often say they feel light after talking to you as if you have taken off the load from their head and heart.

You are a good listener and people tend to tell you their problems way too often. If you are an Empath, people approach you most of the time when they are overwhelmed or in distress. Your loved ones also may feel comforted by your support and every now and then, they reach out to you when there is a difficulty.

Difficulty setting boundaries for yourself

You feel the compulsion to help others all the time. Finding it difficult to say NO even when too much is being asked. You feel the compulsion to help people and when you are not able to help them, you feel completely disappointed with yourself. This often leaves you feeling restless and helpless. If you are an Empath, drawing boundaries puts you in guilt and feels like you don’t care for your loved ones.

Picking up energies in a crowd

Feeling drained when you spend time around certain people? You will have often experienced when you come back home from a social gathering even though it was a pleasant one, you feel heavy or get a headache. This may have nothing to do with you but as an Empath you may have picked up somebody else’s energy.

Feeling deeply into the feelings of people in a room especially when in a crowd is something we all have experienced at some point. When suddenly for no obvious reason, you start to feel uncomfortable and you describe yourself as a sensitive person. Maybe you being an Empath are constantly picking up the energies and emotions of those around you.

Being Sensitive Emotionally

When someone shares something with you, you are highly sensitive and often pick up on their feelings and own them as your own. You might find it difficult to differentiate between your own emotions and the emotions of others as if they are a part of your own experience. When someone else’s pain and happiness becomes your own happiness and pain, then you are an Empath. Getting anxious, angry, and over-involved in other people’s issues is common with Empaths.

Getting affected physically

At times Empaths can even feel the physical pain of the other. If you are picking up negative energy and negative emotions related to the physical distress of those around you. So much so that you become physically unwell yourself, means you are a Physical Empath. Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. You literally absorb the pain of others.

No time for self-care

Being an Empath you can tell if someone is in need of help and you may find it hard to find time for yourself. While you can provide emotional support for others you may often feel emotionally drained yourself. If you struggle to turn off the ability to feel and find it impossible to stop giving even when you have no energy left means you are an Empath.

Not finding time to feel or detox your own emotions because you are so busy picking up on the emotions of others is not ok. Since you are constantly carrying the emotions of others, you may struggle to switch off and have difficulty with sleep. Constantly receiving inputs from others, you may find it difficult to unwind mentally as well as physically which adversely affects your general well-being.

If you know you are an Empath, it is important to draw a line. Make sure your emotional energy reserves are not swallowed up by others and you don’t burn out completely. Anxiety, Stress, pain, exhaustion, and even depression. What if you were picking up these from others? You must learn how to preserve yourself and your sanity and yet be of value to others seeking your help.


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Energy healing has a major role to play as far as healing goes in today’s times. The general atmosphere is that of stress and tension and eventually takes a toll on our general health. Whether emotional, physical, or mental, energy healing in the form of Reiki can bring relief to all types of issues. Today many hospitals offer Reiki as an alternative healing modality because it compliments other medical treatments. Did you know Reiki can bring relief and heal all aspects of your life?

The connection between mind, body, and Soul.

There is a connection between mind, body, and soul. A healthy body comes from a balanced emotional and mental state. More often the reason for a physical illness can be lying on a subconscious level. An emotional issue pushed under the carpet can keep showing up in the form of a physical problem. These issues also come up to the surface up in the form of situations. Even though it is a matter of concern, it is still a good thing. Why? Because it also brings with it a certain level of awareness as to which area of your life needs attention. It is your body’s way of bringing awareness to the underlying cause. The longer we keep ignoring the issues, the more deep-rooted they become and take more time to heal because they become Life patterns.

Heal your life with Reiki

Reiki is one of the many energy healing systems. It can bring healing on all levels conscious as well as subconscious. It also heals life situations. So much so, it can heal past, present, and future. It can heal karma and break the pattern of reoccurrence of unpleasant situations. This is called soul healing. Reiki is the life force energy that is channeled through the healer to the recipient. It is very relaxing and feels like a Spa when you experience it in person in a one-on-one session.

Reiki puts the mind in a relaxed state and activates the self-healing ability of the body You can heal yourself by learning Reiki. It is present within us from the time we are born. After receiving attunement from a Reiki master, this ability to heal is activated. It is possible to heal the mind, body, and soul, childhood trauma, past life, and even future events through distant Reiki. It brings clarity to the situation at hand. Reiki increases awareness and restores peace and harmony. Reiki is also very helpful in financial crises.

Living a happy and fulfilling life is only possible if your mind and body are in perfect alignment. It is in this balanced state of being, that you can take all decisions for your good as well as for the highest and greatest good of those around you.

Choose Reiki healings and see how magic and miracles unfold in your life.


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There are things you can change and things you have no control over. You do not have to keep trying to always control things and people. Others’ life and their behavior are neither your job nor your responsibility. Sometimes it’s ok to let things be because it is important to allow the people you love, to learn from their mistakes. You must understand that they need to have a complete and whole experience of life themselves and not coming from you. If you have a habit of worrying about the people around you, then maybe it’s time to change that.

Respect other’s journey

You have to respect the fact that besides being your loved ones, they are also individual souls on individual journeys.
Even when you give advice, it doesn’t mean it will always work in their favor. What may have worked for you in the past may not work for the other. It is ok to let them be. Let them go through life to decide what’s best for them through their personal experience.

There is a fine line between giving advice and trying to control and you must learn to identify that. Controlling is unhealthy even if it is coming out of love. It is safe to drop all your fears for your loved ones because their souls know their life lessons best. If you question yourself, are your concerns and worries of any value to the situation at hand? Most of the time the answer will be NO. Remember the saying “we Live and we Learn“? Well, it applies to all. By letting them experience life firsthand, you are in a way helping them evolve and understand life better.

Stop worrying about people. Focus on self.

Each one of us is only responsible for ourselves and that we need to always remember. If we all just manage to care for ourselves and our own alignment, we can certainly make life easy for those around us. While it is good to be caring, it is of utmost importance to keep bringing your focus back to yourself.

If you really love the people around you, help them taking responsibility for your own mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Like they say wear your own oxygen mask first and then help another. You can only be of assistance and value to the people you love by loving yourself first. In any situation, when you say “Me first” you are not being selfish. Rather you are holding on to your balance so you can handle things better. The idea here is also to choose your own peace and alignment over everything and everyone else. Reiki helps bring in more balance by aligning your mind and body and bringing it into perfect sync. It is a wonderful life-saving tool.


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We speak about celebrating freedom but there is so much more to freedom than just living in a free nation. Freedom can be defined in so many other ways in life. Freedom of space, freedom of time, freedom of speech, and self-expression. Happy to celebrate Independence Day today? Find out here if you truly are living a life of freedom.

If you have managed to liberate yourself from limited belief systems of the mind, then yes you are free. Have you been brave enough to cut toxic chords and walk away from all that does not serve you anymore? Have you decided to take charge of how you feel?

Those who have freed themselves from the bondage of mind and taken the reigns of the mind in their hands are actually free. When you say yes to life and face it. You say “I got this” and don’t feel helpless about the way life is, then you are celebrating freedom.

Happy independence day

Are you still playing the victim to situations or have you realized the power lies within? Looking within and making effort to introspect. Becoming aware of what you need to change. Now that is freedom because it frees you from so many unpleasant situations. I Salute the people who have willingly worked on themselves instead of blaming others for all their situations.

A big hand to those who are bravely facing everything and are still standing there as pillars of support for those in need. Those who have courageously fought for someone, even a stranger in distress, brought peace and relief into a situation. Yes, they are the true warriors.
Those who have let go of all duality can see everyone as an extension of one divine source energy. Who are free from the dogma of religion and rituals and can see all as equal. If you can see beyond caste, creed, and color, then you are enjoying freedom in the true sense because you are free of limited mindsets.

Set someone free today- Live and let Live

Liberating a loved one and giving up control is not easy we know. When you let the other blossom and live their dreams, you set them free. To allow loved ones to be whatever they truly desire to be instead of telling them what you want them to be, Isn’t that liberating for self too? Because giving up control is in itself such a great feeling of freedom.

We all are born as free souls but are programmed as we grow up and eventually feel captive to all of that programming. If you have chosen the freedom of mind, body, and spirit and living your life wholeheartedly to the best of your ability, then you are truly celebrating freedom. Happy independence day to all of you who have given up worrying about the future and chosen to live carefree in every moment being in the present 🎁

Freedom is in the mind… When you free yourself from mindsets, you are FREE in every way. Have you set yourself Free yet?


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Everyone says. Don’t feel sad. Getting frustrated is not normal. You don’t have to feel anxious. Throughout life, we are programmed like this. As if painful emotions are in some way bad or need to be chased away. There is nothing wrong with feeling pain. When we deny it, we miss out on letting it guide our actions. Our subconscious can’t release the pain as long as we continue to deny negative emotions. Experiencing emotions in different situations is a part of our reality which we cannot escape. Feeling negative emotions is normal.

Feeling negative emotions is not only normal, it can be good.

If you would not feel anxious about your future, how would you plan one? Without that stress, you would not even take steps to work towards creating a better future. Similarly, sometimes even fear can be of value because it may keep you cautious and prevent something bad from happening. If you are feeling frustrated or depressed about all that is happening around you, consider yourself normal. We are humans after all and it’s ok to feel different emotions in different situations. Emotions are ever-changing and no particular emotion can remain the same for long. When you feel happy, remember this feeling will also fade out at one time. Similarly when you are sad remember this too shall pass.

The process of Healing through feeling.

Healing is not only about motivation and positivity, rather it is a process of acknowledging the pain and going through it. Going through pain is an important part of the healing process so do not try to resist it. Just like when you do a physical workout, your physical body experiences a lot of soreness and pain. You let your body experience the pain because you know the pain indicates that your body is recovering from the impact of the workout. Similarly, when you go through any kind of trauma in life and you experience the pain, your emotional body is going through the healing or repairing stage. Once you go through the pain, the next stage will be acceptance of what is. This is what prepares your emotional body for the healing process. Eventually, you bounce back to your normal self.

How do you heal?

Healing does not begin after the pain is over. Healing begins when we go through the pain. It is when you are experiencing the pain most, that a part of you is healing. If you don’t allow the process of releasing, it will just build up toxicity within. Tears coming down your eyes are the physical manifestation of your emotional pain and you should allow yourself to let it all get out of your system through crying. There is no shortcut so do not resist pain. Embrace it, acknowledge it, accept it, and release it. It is important to allow yourself to go through the emotional pain so that you are again ready to come back into positivity. It is going through the process of feeling the emotions, that actually escalates the healing process and sets you free.


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Life is like a big ocean. Swimming through it may not feel so easy but you have multiple choices as to how you go through it. No matter where you are in life right now, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then take a look at how you are dealing with day-to-day situations. Feeling tired and exhausted in life? Then maybe you need to review how you are approaching things.

How you feel about your life, whether it seems easy or difficult, depends upon one of these three ways that you are choosing to live in every situation.

Swimming against the tide

Treading on water.

Swimming with the tide.

Swimming against the Tide.

There is a quote that if you keep swimming against the tide, you develop muscles you didn’t know you had but living life this way can really wear you out. There is a lot of resistance and pain in this way of living. You are in non-acceptance of what is. While there is denial and refusal, you still will have to deal with the situation because there is no way out. This leaves you exhausted and you reach a stage where you can fight it no more and you give in. Yes, You surrender.

Treading water- Still leaves you feeling tired and exhausted in life.

The second way of living life is you can tread water and let the tide sweep you away. You maintain an upright position in deep water by moving the feet with a walking movement and the hands with a downward circular motion. Yes, living life is just like swimming in deep waters. Actively dealing with a situation, you try with all your force to keep going somehow. You make little or no progress. In fact, instead of moving forward, you are falling behind. Even though this requires a lot of effort, yet it takes you nowhere. At some point, this too will wear you out and you will have to give in to the situation. You will realize there is no way out and eventually have to surrender.

Swimming with the tide. Easiest way out.

This is certainly the best possible way. You swim with the tide and let it take you where it wants you to go. This is called going with the flow. You go through the situation but in a detached manner. This requires zero effort and so it does not leave you exhausted. You acknowledge and accept with a knowing that there is no way out so you just swim with the tide. This also requires faith and trust. A knowing that whatever it is, my highest and greatest good will come forward. Yes, you Surrender but with ease.

Feeling tired and exhausted in life? Just flow.

Life is an ocean. Situations are like a tide. With acceptance, you can float on it. As you go down, you also go up with it because a rising tide lifts all boats. It is not difficult. All you have to do is to drop resistance. If you have observed all three ways lead to only one thing and that is surrender. It does not mean non-action. It means taking the best possible action and allowing yourself to flow with it. You always have the choice to take the least painful path and glide through life with ease.

Sometimes swimming with the tide and surrender is the only way to come to the shore.


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