We speak about celebrating freedom but there is so much more to freedom than just living in a free nation. Freedom can be defined in so many other ways in life. Freedom of space, freedom of time, freedom of speech, and self-expression. Happy to celebrate Independence Day today? Find out here if you truly are living a life of freedom.

If you have managed to liberate yourself from limited belief systems of the mind, then yes you are free. Have you been brave enough to cut toxic chords and walk away from all that does not serve you anymore? Have you decided to take charge of how you feel?

Those who have freed themselves from the bondage of mind and taken the reigns of the mind in their hands are actually free. When you say yes to life and face it. You say “I got this” and don’t feel helpless about the way life is, then you are celebrating freedom.

Happy independence day

Are you still playing the victim to situations or have you realized the power lies within? Looking within and making effort to introspect. Becoming aware of what you need to change. Now that is freedom because it frees you from so many unpleasant situations. I Salute the people who have willingly worked on themselves instead of blaming others for all their situations.

A big hand to those who are bravely facing everything and are still standing there as pillars of support for those in need. Those who have courageously fought for someone, even a stranger in distress, brought peace and relief into a situation. Yes, they are the true warriors.
Those who have let go of all duality can see everyone as an extension of one divine source energy. Who are free from the dogma of religion and rituals and can see all as equal. If you can see beyond caste, creed, and color, then you are enjoying freedom in the true sense because you are free of limited mindsets.

Set someone free today- Live and let Live

Liberating a loved one and giving up control is not easy we know. When you let the other blossom and live their dreams, you set them free. To allow loved ones to be whatever they truly desire to be instead of telling them what you want them to be, Isn’t that liberating for self too? Because giving up control is in itself such a great feeling of freedom.

We all are born as free souls but are programmed as we grow up and eventually feel captive to all of that programming. If you have chosen the freedom of mind, body, and spirit and living your life wholeheartedly to the best of your ability, then you are truly celebrating freedom. Happy independence day to all of you who have given up worrying about the future and chosen to live carefree in every moment being in the present 🎁

Freedom is in the mind… When you free yourself from mindsets, you are FREE in every way. Have you set yourself Free yet?


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