Life is like a big ocean. Swimming through it may not feel so easy but you have multiple choices as to how you go through it. No matter where you are in life right now, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then take a look at how you are dealing with day-to-day situations. Feeling tired and exhausted in life? Then maybe you need to review how you are approaching things.

How you feel about your life, whether it seems easy or difficult, depends upon one of these three ways that you are choosing to live in every situation.

Swimming against the tide

Treading on water.

Swimming with the tide.

Swimming against the Tide.

There is a quote that if you keep swimming against the tide, you develop muscles you didn’t know you had but living life this way can really wear you out. There is a lot of resistance and pain in this way of living. You are in non-acceptance of what is. While there is denial and refusal, you still will have to deal with the situation because there is no way out. This leaves you exhausted and you reach a stage where you can fight it no more and you give in. Yes, You surrender.

Treading water- Still leaves you feeling tired and exhausted in life.

The second way of living life is you can tread water and let the tide sweep you away. You maintain an upright position in deep water by moving the feet with a walking movement and the hands with a downward circular motion. Yes, living life is just like swimming in deep waters. Actively dealing with a situation, you try with all your force to keep going somehow. You make little or no progress. In fact, instead of moving forward, you are falling behind. Even though this requires a lot of effort, yet it takes you nowhere. At some point, this too will wear you out and you will have to give in to the situation. You will realize there is no way out and eventually have to surrender.

Swimming with the tide. Easiest way out.

This is certainly the best possible way. You swim with the tide and let it take you where it wants you to go. This is called going with the flow. You go through the situation but in a detached manner. This requires zero effort and so it does not leave you exhausted. You acknowledge and accept with a knowing that there is no way out so you just swim with the tide. This also requires faith and trust. A knowing that whatever it is, my highest and greatest good will come forward. Yes, you Surrender but with ease.

Feeling tired and exhausted in life? Just flow.

Life is an ocean. Situations are like a tide. With acceptance, you can float on it. As you go down, you also go up with it because a rising tide lifts all boats. It is not difficult. All you have to do is to drop resistance. If you have observed all three ways lead to only one thing and that is surrender. It does not mean non-action. It means taking the best possible action and allowing yourself to flow with it. You always have the choice to take the least painful path and glide through life with ease.

Sometimes swimming with the tide and surrender is the only way to come to the shore.


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