Fifty shades of grey??

How would you know joy without sadness? If it wasn’t for sickness would you treasure good health?? Not knowing the taste of bitter, you wouldn’t know what sweet tastes like..If you would  have not experience the low of  hatred, you wouldn’t know the high of falling in Love..Failures tell you what success is all about .. And so goes on for all that is in life…

Life is full of different colours..To get a feel of the brighter side, you have to experience the darker side..Not having seen both sides, it is impossible to have an experience of the WHOLE !! It would be half as fulfilling..That is the beauty of life..

Your soul has chosen to experience Contrast for a reason..and it is possible to experience Contrast only through this body and going through all that comes with it in this life time. So bless the pain, the sorrow, the failures, the heartbreaks for they show you the beauty of the contrast.

Celebrate and Embrace each and every colour of life whole heartedly for there are ‘NO SHADES OF GREY IN LIFE ‘!!

Happy Holi to all…

Neelima Thukral