I am the Light

My true Self

As I sit to meditate with the intention of connecting to the source, I realize who and what am I trying to connect with here? I am the light. I am the source itself . I am one with the source energy for I am it. Do I really need to go into a particular state of being or sit in a particular posture to connect with myself? No…I have that connection all the time for it is within always… Always has been… and will always be… I do not have to put in any effort to meet myself, do I?

The moment I decide to go within, I can feel it… I am right there ..connected…I am the infinite power that can manifest anything and everything as and when I want to and if I choose not to it is because I want to go through certain experiences for a deeper understanding and discovering my true potential through the limitation of being in a human body. So there is no one to blame neither people nor situations for all that is in the here and now, for it is my own choice.

Be it peace, beauty, abundance, serenity, happiness or joy I have access to experiencing it all as and when. It is only a matter of what I choose at a particular moment. There is no Other..Everything and everyone around is nothing but just collective energy…One source energy. As I sail through this feeling of oneness, I feel the peace and light within..Disturbance sets in only when I get distracted by the external and disconnect with my true self…That when the feeling of duality takes over.

If I can feel the bliss now at this moment, I have the choice of feeling it all the time.Why do I feel like this right now? It is because at this moment I am connected to my true self..my soul essence..my true nature..lovely ..joyful..calm..beautiful …ecstatic…blissful

Here I am connected to the Light ..The source that is always within… We all have a choice…Always…

Neelima Thukral

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