Practice Surrender

The art of being nothing…

I surrender all my life situations past present future to source to be resolved.

I Surrender all my life times… past, present & future to learn and evolve on soul level..

I surrender all my karmas good and bad to be balanced..

I surrender all my relationships to be divinely guided..

I surrender all my energy bodies to source to be healed..

I surrender all my energy fields to source to be shielded..

I surrender all my needs, my desires, my dreams to source to be fulfilled..

I surrender all within me and all around me to source to be in sync..

I surrender my concerns my tears & my laughter to source to be experienced..

And finally I now surrender the


to source..

As I let go of the I , I become free..I feel light..All the burdens are off my shoulders..

Now what is left??

Nothing but complete surrender ..There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done for everything is now in the hands of source and is taken care of in the best Divine Manner ..

What now exists in the moment is the bliss of Nothingness!!

That is the art of being nothing…

Neelima Thukral

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