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My Journey with Reiki

My Journey with Reiki has been that of wonder and grace. After having going through intense meditation practices and working on self for more than a year, there came a time when I was getting a feeling of stagnancy in my progress. Having experienced all things like Lucid dreams, spinal sweep of the kundalini energy, taste of past life , there still was something within which did not quite feel in sync with the outside. Reflecting within, I wasn’t quite still impressed with my  actions and reactions towards people and situations. Inspite of all the knowing, I was kind of stuck to certain mental and emotional patterns that I knew were not serving my highest good but was just not able to let go of them. Living in a state of unawareness earlier seemed so much easier but knowing and still not changing was becoming frustrating. It was like walking the same road yet falling into the same ditches again and again..

Once all the digging within into my core being was done, it was now time to clear all that had come to surface and thats when I was drawn towards the healing Energy of Reiki. Regular practice of Reiki on self slowly started to bring all the changes on all energy levels and all energy bodies.As all my Chakras started to come into balance I started to discover a new empowered version of myself which I can say was the best Version of me I had ever known. As I started to heal within I felt more aligned with all that was outside..All life situations and all relationships started to change for the better.

I felt more centred most of the time and there was a calm n peace within.. a state of happiness started to radiate inside out..There was a definite shift. Where ever I was feeling stuck in life earlier, I could see a sudden movement of energy. My physical energy was better than ever before and I was emotionally and mentally so much at ease, for I had dropped all judgement and started practising unconditional love. It certainly was a turn around for me as I started helping family and friends by channelling healings for them both one on one as well as distant.Clients started to get relief on all levels and gave wonderful feedback on results. The more I was giving healings, every healed case instilled more faith, internal power and strength within me.

Today I can say Reiki is certainly the best gift that I have received from the divine and with its healing power I discovered my true Divine qualities that reflect the beauty of my soul.Always happy..joyful..peaceful..blissful..In complete sync with everything and everyone around me. I see Perfection in every moment of the Here and Now ..All thanks to Reiki, I live my dream today to be of service to one and all…

I am healed and I aspire to Heal !!

Neelima Thukral


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