Is it Divine timing?

Even if things have not worked out the way you wanted them to be, it doesn’t mean things are not going right for you.. Certain delays and experiences are necessary for your soul’s growth. Probably you are not ready for that which you are asking .

When you are in alignment and not all wrapped up in your negative feelings often you will be able to see the silver lining in the darkest clouds. Looking back at life, observe most of the things that did not go as per your plans, may not have been for your highest good at that point. Even though it was disappointing at that moment but when you were in a balanced state of being, you often must have thanked God for his saving grace.

Faith is when you are able to be in gratitude and peace even when things don’t seem to go as per your expectations and yet you have an inner knowing that something better will show up at the perfect moment. Things are never ever going badly or getting delayed.. They are always going as per divine plan and in perfect order . Keep asking and things will unfold when YOU are ready for the receiving.

So Just Relax !! Trust in Divine timing . Let things FlowTrust … God knows his job and it will be well worth the wait…

I trust in Divine timing. Do You?

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