Being in a loving relationship is every heart’s desire. No doubt, the feeling of being loved and desired brings with it a sense of belonging. When you decide to be with somebody, it should never be because you feel a void or feel empty within. Because no matter what, no person or thing can fill up that space within you. Being with someone or living with someone should be a conscious choice while you already feel complete within. It should complement your existence. What is the reason you want to attract love in your life?

We as humans are not suffering from our bondage, rather we are suffering our freedom. The reason we try to bind ourselves with somebody is that we cannot handle the freedom of being on our own. As humans, we find it terrifying if we are set free and that is why we want somebody to hold our hand all the time. We are always seeking for someone to lean on. If you want to attract love in your life, it should be for the purpose of adding joy to your already joyful state of being

Yin and Yang

God created us as complete with both forms of existence. Shiv and Shakti are both within us always. Yin is the feminine energy while Yang is masculine energy. Most of the time one of these two energies is either missing or dominant within us and creates an imbalance. This will also show up in some form in the relationship. Someone with too much yang energy could come across as completely insensitive or too much Yin will appear as clingy and needy. Either of the two shows an imbalanced state of being.

When two people with balanced Ying and Yang energies get into a relationship, the relationship is ecstatic. If you are needy you will attract someone with similar energy and two needy people can never share a fulfilling relationship. It will always make you feel unloved and not cared for. Leaving you feeling empty and lonely even when you are in a relationship.

I complete Me

If you want Love from others, you need to love yourself first. Bring that feeling of being whole and complete within you so won’t have to go and search it outside. As you start to live life like that, it’s like saying ‘I Complete Me’ to the universe and it sends more Love towards you from all directions. For anyone to pour Love into your cup, you have to carry enough of that energy within you first. When your cup is full and overflowing with love for yourself, you become like a magnet. You will automatically attract someone who fills you up with more of that energy that you are already carrying within.

Some tips for Balancing Your energy to attract love in your life

  1. Use Crystals

Crystals can heal and balance energies. Rose Quartz carries wonderful loving energy and is known to attract Love too. You can wear a pendant or bracelet to continuously receive the healing energy. Keeping two Rose quartz hearts in the southeast east corner of your bedroom not only helps attract love into your life but also helps heal and improve your current relationship. Keeping rose quartz in the Southeast corner of your living room will enhance the energy of love between all family members in the house.

2. Creating space for another

If you are single and living alone, create space for inviting a partner by laying an extra plate on the dining table. By keeping extra pillows on the empty side of the bed, you are telling the universe that you are ready to share the space with someone. Place two red rose-scented candles or any symbols of love like mandarin ducks, hearts, or red roses in pairs in the southeast corner of your room to enhance and invite the energy of love and attract a partner in your life.

3. Balance and invoking Love with meditation

Find a quiet place..Light two red rose-scented candles. You can also use an aroma burner with rose essential oil to deepen the experience. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Meditate on the thought “I complete me”.

Imagine a pink light filling up the center of your chest (your Heart Chakra) and feel it expanding outwards. Visualize your heart filling up with the pink light overflowing and spreading all around you in all directions. This light is the light of love for self. Tell yourself – I am worthy of being loved and opening up to receiving from the entire Universe. Allow yourself to bathe in this loving energy. If you have someone in mind, invite that person into this space of love to share the loving energy with you. Be here in this sacred space as long as you like. When you feel complete, open your eyes and get on with your day knowing you have opened up for love and the Universe has received your message.

Namaste the Yoga pose to balance and attract love in your life

Joining hands in Namaste or prayer pose not only balances both left n right hemispheres of the brain, but it also balances your feminine and masculine energies. Doing this meditation daily for 5 minutes also will bring that balance. Once your Yin and Yang energies – the Shiv and Shakti within you are balanced, your whole aura will become magnetic.
You can also give Reiki to your Heart Chakra to attract Love into your life by learning it or asking a healer to channel it to you. As your heart chakra heals and opens up, you will see how love will flow into your life from all directions.


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Everyone says. Don’t feel sad. Getting frustrated is not normal. You don’t have to feel anxious. Throughout life, we are programmed like this. As if painful emotions are in some way bad or need to be chased away. There is nothing wrong with feeling pain. When we deny it, we miss out on letting it guide our actions. Our subconscious can’t release the pain as long as we continue to deny negative emotions. Experiencing emotions in different situations is a part of our reality which we cannot escape. Feeling negative emotions is normal.

Feeling negative emotions is not only normal, it can be good.

If you would not feel anxious about your future, how would you plan one? Without that stress, you would not even take steps to work towards creating a better future. Similarly, sometimes even fear can be of value because it may keep you cautious and prevent something bad from happening. If you are feeling frustrated or depressed about all that is happening around you, consider yourself normal. We are humans after all and it’s ok to feel different emotions in different situations. Emotions are ever-changing and no particular emotion can remain the same for long. When you feel happy, remember this feeling will also fade out at one time. Similarly when you are sad remember this too shall pass.

The process of Healing through feeling.

Healing is not only about motivation and positivity, rather it is a process of acknowledging the pain and going through it. Going through pain is an important part of the healing process so do not try to resist it. Just like when you do a physical workout, your physical body experiences a lot of soreness and pain. You let your body experience the pain because you know the pain indicates that your body is recovering from the impact of the workout. Similarly, when you go through any kind of trauma in life and you experience the pain, your emotional body is going through the healing or repairing stage. Once you go through the pain, the next stage will be acceptance of what is. This is what prepares your emotional body for the healing process. Eventually, you bounce back to your normal self.

How do you heal?

Healing does not begin after the pain is over. Healing begins when we go through the pain. It is when you are experiencing the pain most, that a part of you is healing. If you don’t allow the process of releasing, it will just build up toxicity within. Tears coming down your eyes are the physical manifestation of your emotional pain and you should allow yourself to let it all get out of your system through crying. There is no shortcut so do not resist pain. Embrace it, acknowledge it, accept it, and release it. It is important to allow yourself to go through the emotional pain so that you are again ready to come back into positivity. It is going through the process of feeling the emotions, that actually escalates the healing process and sets you free.


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We love to micro-manage. It can be situations or people. Have you noticed when you delegate something to a child or an employee, how you still hold on to the reigns and are not able to let go? Fearful while handing over any work or a task to someone? We live with this illusion that only we can do it best. Even after handing over the task physically, we remain mentally hooked on it. Micro Managing in the head. Are you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing?

Imagine every day there are so many things that we have to keep at the back of our minds just because of this habit. We not only engage in tasks that we take up physically but also kind of own responsibility of those that we have handed over to be done by others. Remaining mentally anchored like this holds up a lot of unnecessary space in our minds. This is like excess baggage which we are carrying and yes we are paying a heavy price for it too but in our minds.

Now, what if you just delegate and let things happen? It not only frees you and makes you offload that extra baggage but it also gives the person on the other side an opportunity to finish the given task their own way. They get a feeling of fulfillment and what if their way is better and more efficient than yours? In that case, you get to learn something new too.

If you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing

Think like this-Life is about co-creating. Accept you cannot manage everything alone and there are so many different ways of doing the same task. So give others a fair chance or opportunity to do things their way. Be it your child or your subordinate or whoever. The next time you hand over a task, hand it over fearlessly and completely and trust it will be done to PERFECTION. Yes, it will be perfect, but it may or may not be done the same way you would. Micromanaging can become an Art but if it is in the head, then it is unhealthy. Take some time to analyze if you are paying a heavy price by Micro Managing.

Giving up the habit of Micro managing can be very liberating


Does the saying “What goes around comes back” Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s an old one we all have heard a million times. If you are unhappy about the way people around you are treating you, then perhaps you should ask this question to yourself-What am I putting out there? The universe is just bringing back the same to you. It is like a buffet on the table. What are you laying on the table? It better be something you love. Or is it something you dislike? If you desire goodness in life then you have to first be in sync with what you desire.

Whatever is happening inside is being mirrored outward too.

If you have anger within, then that is exactly what will come back to you in the form of an argument or confrontation. The same goes for every emotion that you are holding within. Whether you want it or not, it is reflecting outward knowingly or unknowingly.

So if you want love, express love wherever you go and it will come back to you.
You want respect ? Show respect to your co-workers, your elders, or even strangers.
Similarly, if you want abundance of money, then helping someone in need or paying more than committed for a job, giving charity are some good ways to attract more of it. Trust it will most certainly come back many folds from even the most unexpected sources.

Giving out some happiness. surprising someone with a gift, doing something kind, a loving gesture will get back that happiness to you. When you give out kindness, then it is bound to come back in some way or another.

Are you in sync with what you desire?

Life is nothing just experiences coming from the exchange of energy based on what are you sending out moment by moment. From where or how it comes, sources are unlimited. You got to let it go and let it flow to make it come to you. To sum it up, for anything to come to you, you must first release it out to the universe as much as possible.

If you are not getting what you desire in life, then you can change it by being the change first.


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Life begins we are born and so does the process of learning. Learning to talk, learning to walk, learning how to behave socially. We are continuously put through rigorous training of learning to do things a certain way and be a certain way. Our parents at home, teachers at school, everything, and everyone is just focused on teaching us. We are taught how to make a good future and be so-called successful. Again that term is very subjective to each one’s definition of it. There is a fixed time frame for education and then earning at the right age but no one hands over the manual on ‘Learning to Live’.

In this world as mortal beings, we all are well aware that none of us know which moment is going to be our last. We may breathe in this breath and it could be our last. Knowing this fact, the one most important thing that we need to learn is how to live before we die. Do you know when anyone is diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a timeline of life expectancy? Or a person who has survived a near-death experience? That is when that person wakes up and starts to live life differently.

When you know you are dying, you start to live

You start to express every emotion to everyone around you fearlessly, doing all the things that you have been postponing for your entire life for a future date. Stop making long-term plans and focus on enjoying every moment being fully aware and living in the PRESENT. Saying I Love you when you feel it, Sorry when it is needed and never forget to say thank you because you know this could be your last chance. You dance, you paint, pursue your hobbies, or whatever you have always wanted to do but couldn’t find time because you were busy planning a successful life as if you were meant to be here forever.

Suddenly living your dreams is your first agenda and not just living up to the expectations of your partner, parents, or society. You start wrapping up all that you have accumulated over the years, you are kinder and more forgiving. Suddenly you are more generous. You start to give away your most beloved belongings to someone in need because you know you don’t need to hold on to them anymore.

Something inside shifts and you feel liberated in a way that you have never felt before. Knowing every moment is your last, keeps you in full awareness of the people around you. You are able to appreciate the little things that can give happiness. The things that really matter to you. You start to observe and acknowledge what others are doing for you. You start to feel more grateful for all that is and appreciate the gift called LIFE.

Learning to live life requires a bit of unlearning too because it is your journey to learn and explore. The truth is that you don’t need a doctor to tell you how much time you have left. You know it very well that this breath could be your last one. So how about learning to live while we are still alive because every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to feel alive.

Learning how to live life is easy. So easy. Just live in the moment.


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Chakras are energy centres located at different points on the etheric body. They are wheel like vortices about 6 inches in diameter, funnelling into the spine. Apart from the root and crown chakras, each chakra is a pair front and back. The front part regulates feelings, while the back parts are the will centres. They regulate the amount of energy required by us. There are about 114 major and minor chakras out of which 108 are located in the body. They are closely linked to the endocrine system of the body. The endocrine system controls the hormonic balance in the body and has a powerful effect on a person’s moods and emotions. Any imbalance in the endocrine system, leads to mental and physical illness.

When a person has a negative emotion or has gone through pain or trauma, he/she blocks off the relevant chakra in order to avoid the pain, as a natural defence mechanism. The chakra then begins gets clogged with stagnated energy and can get distorted or torn. When a person is in perfect mental and physical health, it means the chakras are functioning normally. 

Reiki treatments concentrate on the 7 main chakras which are located along the spine. The chakras absorb the Universal Life Force Energy, also known as Prana or Chi, break it up into component parts and send it along energy rivers called Nadis/channels to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then to the blood to nourish the body. All Chakras are connected to different parts of the body.

When there is a balance on the energy centres called Chakras, illness manifests in the physical body so as to bring attention to the distortion in that particular energy centre. Be it emotional , mental or physical health a lot of issues can be resolved by bringing balance into the energy body. Of course medical help and advice needs to be taken as and when required but it is worth taking into consideration if the root cause of a problem is coming from an imbalance relevant to a particular chakra and along with medical treatment, alternate therapy is also introduced to bring the energy centres into alignment.

Is your illness really coming from a physical cause?

Neellima Thukral

When you desire something or someone or even a situation or a place where you would rather be, the question is what exactly is it that you desire?
Is it really about the person, place or thing? Or is it actually more about the feeling of being happy and joyful is what you are seeking? Both of these could be completely different when it comes to desires equals to happiness. Sometimes you may think that the only condition to be happy is to acquire something or be with someone in particular or be in a certain place. Whereas it may not be so much about any of these.

It is more like you are just putting a condition presuming that this is the only way to be happy. By doing so, you create an emptiness within you that can be filled up by none other and it brings in a lot of grief rather than joy at times. How about having a more simple approach to happiness? It could be just to desire to be simply happy and joyful without specific conditions. This way you are in allowance of creating a possibility of happiness coming from all possible directions in so many different ways.

Happiness can be anything that catches your attention and lightens you up. An unexpected kind word, a sweet gesture or compliment coming from a complete stranger. Sometimes these little things could suddenly touch your heart and put a smile on your face. All of this, whether you are on the receiving end or you do it for others, can bring you happiness. Talking about places making you happy, even being in the same place can be magical when you are in appreciation and awareness of whatever is around you in the moment. Happiness is more of and Internal thing we attach it to the external.
Having a desire to be happy and joyful is healthy. It is a reminder that you are alive. But how and what makes you happy should UNCONDITIONAL…Bring out that child-like playful innocent side of you that allows whatever…whoever to bring a smile, a feeling of fulfilment and happiness to you wherever you are..
Desire for happiness? It can END right here in this very moment, if you don”t get fixated on conditions.

Being happy is simple

In the midst of your world’s chaos and the contrast, you come to know and love your own perspective even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others, use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which you can more clearly see and acknowledge your own heart and your own truths.

With this view of the new reality, commit wholly with the divine light and love within you. Commit to self-love and acceptance of self and of others. Instead of focussing on what the world or others around are doing, make your own heart and joy your priority. Focus on loving yourself so you can truly love others. Focus on valuing your own perspective instead of seeking agreement and allow others their sacred points of view.

Let NOT the political and social climate affect your joy. Whatever the financial world may be, it need not affect your God-given abundance. Let others be what they are, their opinions have nothing to do with how you feel about yourself or your life. If you allow your light within shine bright, the outside weather will never seem gloomy. No matter what’s happening around you, choose your own vibration and be joyful always.

let not the Outside affect your Inside

Neelima Thukral

As you move on in this journey of life, lots has come and lots is gone. Whether it is people or things, they become like a habit and Letting go is never easy. Sometimes a relationship or a certain person may become so much of a habit that you feel you cannot imagine life without them. But this is never true. What served you at a certain point in life could be doing you more harm than good right now. You may be carrying the baggage of something or someone and not letting it go, even though it is at this moment bringing more grief than happiness to you.

We humans love to hold on to everything with the illusion that everything will be the same until Eternity. But there is a time when you have to let go of a certain situation, relationship or person and let them slip out of your hand like sand in your fist for the sake of your own good. People and situations come in our life to teach us certain lessons we need to learn on a soul level. Once the lesson is learnt, the equation changes and then everything about it and around it changes too.. It is at this point that we are just not ready to move on and accept the changes. We become sad or depressed because the fear of letting go can be scary.

But there is an up side to change. We must understand the fact that to allow yourself to make way for something new to enter your life, you need to accept CHANGE and trust that it will be for the highest and greatest good of all involved. The key is to have a deep appreciation of what’s happening in the moment while acknowledging its impermanence, having willingness to let it go and allow it to happen with ease.

If you do not Embrace endings that are necessary for your growth, how will you generate new beginnings that you desire?

Embrace change gracefully with faith….

We are always labelling people around us as Good or Bad.. We have a tendency to label those who are willing to be what we want them to be as Good and all those who are not like us or different as bad. Anyone who does not live up to our expectations is defined as bad.

The creator has made us all so different.. He has given us different faces, different body types, different features, even different voices and tones..No two people are alike.. Not even if they are born and brought up in the same environment or family. Isn’t it strange that we are always looking at creating copies of our self .. We expect people to behave like us, to talk like us and even want them to do things the way we have always been doing allowing no room for something better. Parents expect their children to grow up and become like them. They just refuse to accept the child as a wonderful and unique individual being.

We are unable to accept the Uniqueness and the beauty of being different. Each one of us is a unique creation of God and our beauty lies in being different..It gives us an opportunity to observe, to know, to experience something other than ourselves. Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine if the entire world was replica of yourself, how boring and uninteresting life would be. We need to understand how being different is really important for our growth as a human and even on a soul level.

Being Different can be interesting. It gives us an opportunity to pick up what we find interesting in another. We learn, we grow and expand our consciousness through this uniqueness. So instead of labelling people as Good or Bad lets just see them as UNIQUE and by doing so we are come to a better place of accepting all around us just the way they are.

I am Unique …Are you not Unique? Yes!!

Neelima Thukral