In some way or another are we all not prisoners? A lot of it comes from our programming since the time we are born. Firstly, the labels given by our parents as we are growing up, secondly our peer groups and thirdly teachers in school. Not to forget how society defines us as adults is just a major one. Statements, judgments, and points of view like ‘You are this. You are that. You are not capable of doing this. ‘This is not your cup of tea’ You are not the types to do this– and it goes on and on. Doesn’t this sound familiar and somewhat makes you feel like a prisoner of others’ opinions?

Not to forget when gender comes in and puts in yet another label stating for instance how a boy or a girl should be a certain way. So to say, we are living our entire life based on what others think or say that we are and surprisingly many a times we end up becoming that too. These labels hold us captives throughout our life. The roles we play as mother, father, daughter, or son. At times wrapped up in the roles we play, the characters we portray, and the labels we are given, the essence of us being ourselves gets completely lost.

Are you really what you are being told you are or is there more to you?

What if you are nothing like that which people around you see you as or make you believe to be? What if you are something else? Who is it that decides who you are? Should it not be you? Let not others define who you are with their judgments. Maybe you are so much more than that what the outer world sees you as. Take all views only as points of view. Discover yourself dropping all of those limitations of labels. You are not only the roles that are playing. There is so much more to you beyond that.

You really don’t have to feel like a prisoner. Question yourself who you truly are and set yourself free

At times we are prisoners of our own belief systems. All that we have picked up on our journey of life going through different experiences limit our own self-worth. Maybe it is a lack of confidence or too much judgment of self which results in self-doubt. We are infinite beings, ever-changing and evolving with every experience so set yourself free from all of those opinions that make you believe otherwise. Whatever you know and believe about yourself or have been made to believe, remember that there is so much more to you which you must keep discovering as you move forward in life. While it is wonderful and sometimes helpful to get opinions of those around us, but owning them as 100% true, well that, is not such a great idea because who else can know you better than yourself?

No labels-No tags- Just points of views.

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