If you look around you, the world is full of people who are fueled by power struggles, greed, anger, hostility, and fear. Despite all the spiritual teachings freely available to so many of us, there are still wars, chaos, and destruction. All the anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, hurt, loss, despair, and fears within, are showing up as reality everywhere around. Why? Because in some way or another we have become used to running on Auto-Pilot mode in our life.

As much as we might want to change others, the reality is that we can only change ourselves. We have to begin from where we are within us to experience the change around. Our personal and professional lives are a reflection of all that we see and hear about in the world today. This energy of emotions can change only if we accept the fact that we are as much a part of the problem as we are of the solution.

Are you on Auto-Pilot?

We are most of the time in automatic pilot mode. Be it dropping off the children at school every day, traveling the same way to work. Doing our daily chores in a certain order and manner, we have become creatures of habit. This is visible in our daily routines as we have become too lazy to think or do things differently. Wedded to the familiar, we are not open to trying something new anymore.

Over the years, we have unconsciously become enslaved to the path that we have created because we are no more curious. Have you accepted and resigned to thinking that you are this type of person or that? It is not surprising if you have, because you have become used to maintaining a certain perspective of your being.

Change is possible if you get off the Auto-Pilot mode.

The truth is we can change our life and our way of existence if we become aware that there are other routes, gradients and shades, and ways to our thoughts and feelings. We can create a brand new reality by just recognizing that change, growth, and healing are possible. Are you willing to take a leap and see what else is possible from within you? By reflecting within and by choosing differently, you can restore your innate positive qualities, and change how you experience life.

The SHIFT begins with YOU.

How is the shift possible? Well, we all talk about the much-needed shift in mass consciousness. It has to start somewhere and why not from you? The whole Planet can benefit if you make a choice TODAY. When you start to choose differently, then your life changes, and this change reflects in your surroundings. Yes, it is possible to bring a positive change into the world but remember the shift begins with you.

The healing power of Reiki.

What if the Reiki could play a greater part in healing the world? YES! With Reiki, the possibilities and potential are endless. What does Reiki do? Reiki is a very powerful tool that raises your consciousness. It helps you let go of mental patterns that do not serve you anymore. It brings a change in perspective that helps you make better choices in life. Your actions, reactions, and responses towards your surroundings and those around you change when Reiki brings in more awareness.

How can YOU be of value to others?

It is our joint responsibility to make this world a better place. By Learning Reiki Level I and Level II, you will not only learn to heal yourself but also be empowered to heal others. You can heal your surroundings. You will be able to send Reiki to places of natural disasters and do mass healing through distant healing. Let us together bring more Light into this wonderful planet we live on by becoming the light for others.

Heal yourself-choose to heal othersheal Mother Earth and heal the planet with the Life Force Energy called Reiki.