Life begins we are born and so does the process of learning. Learning to talk, learning to walk, learning how to behave socially. We are continuously put through rigorous training of learning to do things a certain way and be a certain way. Our parents at home, teachers at school, everything, and everyone is just focused on teaching us. We are taught how to make a good future and be so-called successful. Again that term is very subjective to each one’s definition of it. There is a fixed time frame for education and then earning at the right age but no one hands over the manual on ‘Learning to Live’.

In this world as mortal beings, we all are well aware that none of us know which moment is going to be our last. We may breathe in this breath and it could be our last. Knowing this fact, the one most important thing that we need to learn is how to live before we die. Do you know when anyone is diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a timeline of life expectancy? Or a person who has survived a near-death experience? That is when that person wakes up and starts to live life differently.

When you know you are dying, you start to live

You start to express every emotion to everyone around you fearlessly, doing all the things that you have been postponing for your entire life for a future date. Stop making long-term plans and focus on enjoying every moment being fully aware and living in the PRESENT. Saying I Love you when you feel it, Sorry when it is needed and never forget to say thank you because you know this could be your last chance. You dance, you paint, pursue your hobbies, or whatever you have always wanted to do but couldn’t find time because you were busy planning a successful life as if you were meant to be here forever.

Suddenly living your dreams is your first agenda and not just living up to the expectations of your partner, parents, or society. You start wrapping up all that you have accumulated over the years, you are kinder and more forgiving. Suddenly you are more generous. You start to give away your most beloved belongings to someone in need because you know you don’t need to hold on to them anymore.

Something inside shifts and you feel liberated in a way that you have never felt before. Knowing every moment is your last, keeps you in full awareness of the people around you. You are able to appreciate the little things that can give happiness. The things that really matter to you. You start to observe and acknowledge what others are doing for you. You start to feel more grateful for all that is and appreciate the gift called LIFE.

Learning to live life requires a bit of unlearning too because it is your journey to learn and explore. The truth is that you don’t need a doctor to tell you how much time you have left. You know it very well that this breath could be your last one. So how about learning to live while we are still alive because every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to feel alive.

Learning how to live life is easy. So easy. Just live in the moment.


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