We love to micro-manage. It can be situations or people. Have you noticed when you delegate something to a child or an employee, how you still hold on to the reigns and are not able to let go? Fearful while handing over any work or a task to someone? We live with this illusion that only we can do it best. Even after handing over the task physically, we remain mentally hooked on it. Micro Managing in the head. Are you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing?

Imagine every day there are so many things that we have to keep at the back of our minds just because of this habit. We not only engage in tasks that we take up physically but also kind of own responsibility of those that we have handed over to be done by others. Remaining mentally anchored like this holds up a lot of unnecessary space in our minds. This is like excess baggage which we are carrying and yes we are paying a heavy price for it too but in our minds.

Now, what if you just delegate and let things happen? It not only frees you and makes you offload that extra baggage but it also gives the person on the other side an opportunity to finish the given task their own way. They get a feeling of fulfillment and what if their way is better and more efficient than yours? In that case, you get to learn something new too.

If you paying a heavy price by Micro Managing

Think like this-Life is about co-creating. Accept you cannot manage everything alone and there are so many different ways of doing the same task. So give others a fair chance or opportunity to do things their way. Be it your child or your subordinate or whoever. The next time you hand over a task, hand it over fearlessly and completely and trust it will be done to PERFECTION. Yes, it will be perfect, but it may or may not be done the same way you would. Micromanaging can become an Art but if it is in the head, then it is unhealthy. Take some time to analyze if you are paying a heavy price by Micro Managing.

Giving up the habit of Micro managing can be very liberating