Energy Healers in Gurgaon

Don’t we all live a conditional life? We postpone the happiness in each little moment to the future..Whereas there is joy happiness,peace and bliss in every moment that is passing by if we allow..

Allowing the goodness and deliciousness of each moment to unfold brings forth millions of possibilities of joy to us.. Awareness of the fact that life is moment by moment, instead of thinking it as a long continuing journey of events, there is so much more potential to enjoying what each moment brings with it . Segment intending is a good way to live life to its fullest…

As you enter into a situation or into any conversation, treat it like a brand new segment dropping all judgement of what you were feeling before about the same . Start each segment afresh with a brand new approach as if its happening for the first time with no residue of the past..It works wonders because even with the same people and situations there is always a brand new opportunity of having a completely different experience every single time..

Live life in the HERE & NOW… moment by moment by moment..

Neelima Thukral