Doesn’t matter what religion you follow or whether or not you follow any religion at all. Do you believe that there is a supreme power beyond and above us humans?
Whether you see and connect with it through the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, or Universe it does not matter. Do you really believe in God?
Before you say YES, read this.

Complete Surrender

Saying Yes that you do believe in God or the Divine, and if at the same time you are stressed and worried then there is something missing here. Worrying and faith don’t go together because where there is faith, there is complete trust. Where there is trust there is surrender. Surrender does not mean becoming helpless or powerless. Surrender has a power of its own. The power of surrender goes beyond the comfort zone of being in control. The (DO ALL- BE ALL ) tendency of us humans. It comes with a state of unshakeable faith and trust.

When you trust no matter what the situation and say ‘God I know you are with me in this’. ‘I trust you completely because I know things will work out well for me and I know you have a plan for me’. If having said this, you feel at ease and relaxed, then you are right, you do believe in God.

Childs like trust in God

Have you seen when a father throws the child playfully in the air? We all have experienced it or seen it. The child joyfully enjoys it knowing for sure, that the father will never let him fall. He enjoys the flight and the free fall as much, surrendering to the game because there is complete trust between them. That is what we call faith and if you can have that with the Divine, then you can say you believe in God.

The battle within

If you have been struggling with something continuously be it a situation or a person or a relationship. In the given situation, you may have loaded all your weapons and tried to fight them out to your best ability yet it has been going on forever. You even have a feeling and know that it is a lost cause, but still you choose to go on fighting it. Well just so you know, this battle is not happening outside of you. It is a battle within because you are swimming against the tide. Eventually, it will leave you exhausted. When you live in faith you don’t have to work so hard to make things work.

Believe in God

All I’m saying is, if you have tried it all with little or no success, try surrender. Put down your weapons and your guards and choose faith and just for once, trust completely in the Divine power.(whatever it is for you)
Try this and see the whole situation disappear and things suddenly start getting better for you. Surrender brings with it PEACE. When you allow the Divine to take charge, things are restored to divine order. So today say -YES I BELIEVE IN GOD!  Ask for divine intervention and let it go to be resolved by the Higher Power.

It is just to remind you that you are not alone and there is hope in every situation. With Divine by your side, every problem has a solution.
May your faith be restored with a miracle today.

I believe in God. Do you?

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