As you move on in this journey of life, lots has come and lots is gone. Whether it is people or things, they become like a habit and Letting go is never easy. Sometimes a relationship or a certain person may become so much of a habit that you feel you cannot imagine life without them. But this is never true. What served you at a certain point in life could be doing you more harm than good right now. You may be carrying the baggage of something or someone and not letting it go, even though it is at this moment bringing more grief than happiness to you.

We humans love to hold on to everything with the illusion that everything will be the same until Eternity. But there is a time when you have to let go of a certain situation, relationship or person and let them slip out of your hand like sand in your fist for the sake of your own good. People and situations come in our life to teach us certain lessons we need to learn on a soul level. Once the lesson is learnt, the equation changes and then everything about it and around it changes too.. It is at this point that we are just not ready to move on and accept the changes. We become sad or depressed because the fear of letting go can be scary.

But there is an up side to change. We must understand the fact that to allow yourself to make way for something new to enter your life, you need to accept CHANGE and trust that it will be for the highest and greatest good of all involved. The key is to have a deep appreciation of what’s happening in the moment while acknowledging its impermanence, having willingness to let it go and allow it to happen with ease.

If you do not Embrace endings that are necessary for your growth, how will you generate new beginnings that you desire?

Embrace change gracefully with faith….