Nothing will work out well when your internal dialogue is like this- “After all my efforts, nothing showed up” ” Nothing seems to be going right for me.” Remember your thoughts are your messages to the universe. What you are sending out is coming back to you. If your thoughts are of lack and fear, that is what will manifest as your reality.

The Law of attraction says, repetitive thoughts start to become emotion and Emotion is Energy in motion. This eventually becomes Vibration. Energy starts to flow in that direction and a momentum is created. Once the momentum sets in, the universe starts to respond to your thoughts and emotions by bringing experiences that match your Vibration into your life.

So how does one stop this momentum of things and events that you do not want in your life? This is simple. Focus more on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Build up that energy and create a positive momentum for yourself. Get things going in your favour.

When things are going wrong, it may be difficult to feel good so at that time just shifting your attention can do the trick. Just get off the topic of concern and do something that is completely unrelated to the subject. When you have created a negative momentum in a certain situation, sometimes just taking a step back and not doing anything can help too. Just BE ! This allows you some space to centre yourself and helps think and react in a better and balanced manner.

Be Aware – The universe is saying Tathastu (So Be It) to you in every moment.