Addictions can be of many types: Mental, Physical, and Emotional. The fact is that 90% of people who have them, may not even be aware of them. So, what exactly is an addiction? Well, any mental, emotional, or physical act that you are doing in excess eventually becomes an addiction. A habit that you have developed over time. Something you feel you have no control over, that is an addiction. It is more like a compulsive act or behavioral pattern that makes you an addict.

Sometimes, addictions can be very subtle and you wouldn’t even know you have one. While on the one hand, you may be fully aware of an addiction and struggling to give it up. On the other hand, you may have just accepted one as a part of your normal life.

Addict or not?

Although not all factors leading to addictions may be external, most of the time, the reason could be an internal conflict asking for attention. Just look around you, how is Life is unfolding for you? What kind of relationships do you have at work and home? What kind of situations are you attracting towards you? The type of people you have in your life, all of this defines you. If you don’t like something, then maybe it is time to look within. See if you have any addictions that are repeatedly bringing those experiences to you.

Awareness is key

Whether it is mental, physical, or emotional, usually all addictions have a major impact on the quality of life. Lack of awareness is a dark place to be. Your mental, physical and emotional patterns define to a great extent what the world around you looks like as you are continuously creating your reality. Depending upon what you are creating inside, Life is mirroring that on the outside.

Once you’ve identified you’re an addict, what’s the next step? Reiki is a powerful yet gentle modality that brings awareness on all levels. It helps in healing all kinds of addictions with ease. You can either take help from a therapist and heal with Reiki therapies, or heal yourself by learning Reiki. No matter what you choose, the results are wonderful.


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