Did you know animals are created to be not vocal so that they can teach us humans, unconditional love? Our pets love us unconditionally and are always looking at us for our approval and love in return. Food is not their only need. They also need nurturing and healing when they are dealing with mental, emotional, and physical issues just like us humans. Animal Reiki is a wonderful and non-evasive way to help your pet during their testing times.

Animals show symptoms of post-traumatic stress when they go through their vaccinations, a surgical procedure, or when given an IV drip for dehydration. Even going through grooming, shaving, and bathing with unknown people can be traumatic for them. Besides medical attention, they also need emotional healing going through all of this. The trauma animals experience from physical abuse is similar to that of humans and they develop Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms just like us.

Symptoms to look out for

Aggression, eating less, losing weight, fear, and difficulty sleeping and sitting melancholically all day are some behavioral patterns that often stem from underlying emotional issues. Not able to toilet-train your pet? Maybe it is coming from reasons like insecurity or being away from his or her family and mother. Reiki helps a lot in such cases and helps heal both mental, physical, and emotional trauma.
Just look into your pet’s eyes, they have stories to tell. While physical symptoms are easy to catch, observing their behavior and gestures can tell a lot about their mental and emotional health. They are capable of expressing themselves in so many ways if you are willing to know what they are going through.

Animal Reiki and me

My observation as a Reiki therapist is that animals and birds are often drawn to me when I visit the vet for my own dog. They want to come close and are very open to receiving healings when they need them. Animals are highly sensitive to energy. Rather they are even more receptive to Reiki healings than us humans. Unlike humans, they trust and allow the process with ease because reiki is so calming and soothing. I have endless success stories of healing with Reiki whether it’s during surgery so its goes well or for fast recovery post-procedures. Reiki also heals any emotional trauma to improve behavioral patterns where there are deep-seated issues. I very rarely have to rush to the vet for my dog as mostly I sort out issues like vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion, and even minor injuries by just giving Reiki and he loves it.

I am an animal lover and I enjoy giving Reiki to animals both one on one and distant. It works wonders for them. I feel blessed that I have the ability to communicate with them through the language of unconditional Love and Reiki. Animals love the healing touch and communicate where the healing is most needed through their body language. They even give gratitude after receiving Reiki healings in their own way, which more often is a bow or loving lick to say thanks for the relief. I enjoy the bond I share with animals as I channel Reiki for them. If you are facing any issue with your beloved pets you can connect for Reiki healings to heal them. Heal your fun companion by gifting them Reiki and expressing your unconditional love for them.

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