Healers in Gurgaon

We humans believe in the flawed premise of Struggle. We have been programmed- more the struggle, better or greater the reward. We also love a good challenge. Not because we see it as an experience to learn and grow from, but for the feeling of accomplishment that follows after, which we view as the reward for all the agony we put ourselves through.

What we forget that paddling upstream is not only harder, exhausting but also pointless sometimes. The fact being, paddling downstream is more enjoyable and relaxing. There are so many areas in our lives where we are fighting against : people,circumstances, situations. We can’t seem to drop the struggle and flow with ease…Why??

Surrendering to the current and trusting that it will not only lead you in the direction of what you desire but get you there with journey full of ease and pleasure…As difficult it may sound but it is indeed so easy to let go and just go with the flow

Which way are you flowing??