Aren’t we all one?

I’ve always found it interesting that it’s difficult not to yawn when we see someone else yawn. When we see someone laughing hysterically, we can find ourselves laughing without even a clue about what’s so funny.
We are influenced more than we know or realise by the actions , thoughts , behaviour and vibration of others.That’s something worth considering.
On a soul level, we are all empaths because essentially we are all one, just in different timelines.
When we first awaken, and we start to feel energy, all that everything is , we feel the connection to everything and everyone. Unity consciousness as we call it. While this is surreal and beautiful, we also start to become aware of the fact that just as high vibrations raise our frequency , lower ones impact us too. Learning discernment of our vibration, thoughts and energy becomes crucial. While influences such as yawning, laughing etc are insignificant to our being , dropping down in vibration just because someone else around us is living a different timeline is not what we desire.
This is also a classic example of where our egos can take us into victim mode, but that’s when it requires us to be honest with ourselves and realise, haven’t we been and still continue to be energy vampires ourselves sometimes ?

So is there really need for judgement when faced with someone who doesn’t make you feel so great ? Mastering this skill of empathy is something we all need to do.. Each one of us on this path of ascension will require to master being an empath. One to be able to use it to our advantage to navigate through experiences and the second and most important reason being that it is an essential towards self empowerment. When you can continue to keep your vibration high without anything or anyone on the external being a factor, isn’t that where you want to be ?
We all talk about receiving downloads which assist us but along with the downloads, upgrading ourselves and mastering these empathic abilities is required as much…

Neelima Thukral