What would you like to play?

We as humans have a tendency to focus more on what we don’t quite like, rather than focus on what we love..We label people and situations as good or bad. Whereas actually, if we were to see with the eyes of the creator, everything and everyone would appear PERFECT !!

We are capable of rewinding and replaying time and again any words, actions or situations that did not quite go as per our expectations, labelling them as unpleasant. All that we have not liked in the past also can take up space in our head for eternity creating unnecessary clutter.

A good way to stop the replay button is to ask yourself this question..That which is not in my Heart, is it worth giving it space in my head ??

Asking this to yourself,  try shifting your focus on what  you truly  LOVE, cherish, admire and desire.. Filling up your heart space with that which you like, now take it all into your head space. This creates a shift in the energy and frequency from the unpleasant to what you love, desire, admire in people as well as situations blocking the replay….

You don’t like a certain tune, fast forward it and just switch over to another better one that you really like….

Neelima Thukral