The journey..that’s what they call it

I sat to reflect upon my ascension journey….. before I could think any further I was stopped at the word journey. How is this a journey? Why am I calling it that? Is it because I have always heard it said that way? Do I understand the word ‘journey’ when it’s linked with this path of ascension? And here is what came to me.

When we travel in this physical world, we move from one place to another geographically. A journey can be as short as driving down to the grocery store or as long as traveling to a different continent. Don’t people all have different journeys? Different places to get to? Different ways and means of getting there?

No one is judged upon any physical journey their body takes and neither do they judge themselves in the process. They decide where they want to go, or circumstances lead them to go somewhere and they think of what is the best means of doing it (how, when etc ) and they carry on.
Then why do I sit in judgment of my soul’s journey? For what is ascension? Is it not a shift in perception? Shifting from a way of perceiving the world/ situations/, more importantly, ourselves a certain way to a whole other way? My soul has set out to travel and explore … then why the judgment?

Neelima Thukral