Everyone says. Don’t feel sad. Getting frustrated is not normal. You don’t have to feel anxious. Throughout life, we are programmed like this. As if painful emotions are in some way bad or need to be chased away. There is nothing wrong with feeling pain. When we deny it, we miss out on letting it guide our actions. Our subconscious can’t release the pain as long as we continue to deny negative emotions. Experiencing emotions in different situations is a part of our reality which we cannot escape. Feeling negative emotions is normal.

Feeling negative emotions is not only normal, it can be good.

If you would not feel anxious about your future, how would you plan one? Without that stress, you would not even take steps to work towards creating a better future. Similarly, sometimes even fear can be of value because it may keep you cautious and prevent something bad from happening. If you are feeling frustrated or depressed about all that is happening around you, consider yourself normal. We are humans after all and it’s ok to feel different emotions in different situations. Emotions are ever-changing and no particular emotion can remain the same for long. When you feel happy, remember this feeling will also fade out at one time. Similarly when you are sad remember this too shall pass.

The process of Healing through feeling.

Healing is not only about motivation and positivity, rather it is a process of acknowledging the pain and going through it. Going through pain is an important part of the healing process so do not try to resist it. Just like when you do a physical workout, your physical body experiences a lot of soreness and pain. You let your body experience the pain because you know the pain indicates that your body is recovering from the impact of the workout. Similarly, when you go through any kind of trauma in life and you experience the pain, your emotional body is going through the healing or repairing stage. Once you go through the pain, the next stage will be acceptance of what is. This is what prepares your emotional body for the healing process. Eventually, you bounce back to your normal self.

How do you heal?

Healing does not begin after the pain is over. Healing begins when we go through the pain. It is when you are experiencing the pain most, that a part of you is healing. If you don’t allow the process of releasing, it will just build up toxicity within. Tears coming down your eyes are the physical manifestation of your emotional pain and you should allow yourself to let it all get out of your system through crying. There is no shortcut so do not resist pain. Embrace it, acknowledge it, accept it, and release it. It is important to allow yourself to go through the emotional pain so that you are again ready to come back into positivity. It is going through the process of feeling the emotions, that actually escalates the healing process and sets you free.


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